Upcoming Listing?: Uphold Seeks Information About Shiba Inu Partner

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American-based crypto exchange Uphold has taken to the X (formerly Twitter) platform to seek information about Shiba Inu’s AI partner, Bad Idea AI (BAD).

The development comes after an enthusiast of the token known as “SpecialK” asked Uphold when it plans to list BAD. In response, Uphold urged the X user to provide information about BAD.

X User Outlines Key Features of Bad Idea

Reacting, the user noted that the team behind the Bad Idea ecosystem plans to set up a Layer-2 node on Shiba Inu’s blockchain, Shibarium.

Through the initiative, BAD holders can delegate their tokens in order to earn rewards in BONE, Shibarium’s official gas token. In addition, the X user pointed out that BAD community members have raised funds three times to finance the token’s listing on exchanges.

Furthermore, the user listed a few exchanges and decentralized applications that have added support for BAD, which includes OKX, Crypto.com, NOWPayments, and IvendPay, among others.

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Potential Listing of BAD on Uphold

Although Uphold has yet to respond to the X post, the exchange’s inquiry about BAD suggests that it is interested in Bad Idea. As a result, Uphold might decide to list BAD on its platform in the near future.

Should Uphold list BAD, the token will be available to the exchange’s 1.7 million users who have traded over $6 billion worth of cryptos since 2015 to date.

Uphold Interest in Shiba Inu

In recent times, Uphold has shown significant interest in Shiba Inu-related projects. The Crypto Basic reported recently that the Canadian arm of the exchange relisted SHIB alongside eight other crypto assets.

The development came after Uphold delisted the cryptocurrencies due to regulatory concerns. With the issue resolved, Uphold relisted SHIB and other cryptos, including DOGE and ADA.

Furthermore, the official X handle of Uphold responded to multiple mentions of BONE in its recent X post. As reported earlier, Uphold responded with a gif exclaiming “BONE!” whenever the name of the token was mentioned in the comment section.

Surprisingly, Uphold had quietly added support for BONE, adding the token to its list of Tier 3 assets. Besides listing BONE for trading, Uphold also holds a substantial amount of the tokens worth $785,566 at press time.

Following its support for Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens, it will not be surprising if Uphold decides to extend this goodwill to BAD, which could ultimately lead to its listing.

It bears mentioning that Bad Idea is an official partner of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Bad Idea is committed to growing Shiba Inu’s L2 blockchain with artificial intelligence-centric abilities.

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