Top Analyst Says XRP $8 to $13 Target Not Changed
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A prominent crypto analyst has reiterated his optimistic stance on XRP’s future trajectory regardless of market sentiment, maintaining the $8 to $13 target.

In a recent post on X, crypto analyst “Bobby A” reaffirmed his bullish outlook on XRP. He declared that his previously stated target price range remains intact despite the current market situation. 

Specifically, Bobby A expressed increased confidence about the inevitability of XRP reaching the $8 milestone and its potential venture into the more ambitious double-digit territory of $13.

“No, my $8-$13 target for XRP hasn’t changed. I’m more bullish than ever,” the analyst tweeted.

$8-$13 Target for XRP

Notably, Bobby A proclaimed the $8-$13 range on July 14, the day following the U.S. court judgment that XRP is not a security. Meanwhile, he provided no timeline for XRP to attain the projected targets.

Fast forward to January 3, a day marked by considerable turbulence in the crypto market, the analyst provided an update to his target. On this day, XRP tanked 15% from $0.6381 to $0.5393

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Emphasizing the long-term perspective on trading XRP, he urged followers to find comfort in the $8-$13 target and exercise patience amid the daily micro swings.

Moreover, he contended that XRP is already in its bullish phase, cautioning against FOMO buying, which might lead to missed opportunities. Besides, Bobby A noted cryptocurrencies do not move in a straight line.

The emphasis is on recognizing the ongoing bullish trend in XRP, even if it may not be immediately apparent to all observers.

Moreover, the analyst boldly asserted that as XRP carts its bullish course, the crypto community will come to recognize that his initial targets are, in fact, conservative.

This sentiment suggests XRP could even extend beyond the projected $13.

Significantly, if XRP were to achieve the $8 target from its current market value of $0.5666, it would represent an impressive growth rate of 1,310%. The upper target of $13 suggests an even more substantial ROI of 2,195%. 

It is worth noting that XRP has a history of experiencing such substantial percentage growth. The Crypto Basic has uncovered XRP’s historic path, moving 60,000% from $0.006361 to an all-time high in under 12 months.

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