Top 10 Crypto Marketing Agencies 2024
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The success of any business depends directly on its visibility and reputation. This axiom applies to any field, and especially to the crypto realm. Making your brand stand out among the myriad of similar projects is a challenging task, although the extensive expertise of professional marketing and PR agencies can make this goal easily achievable. 

The typical services of a digital marketing and PR agency are: 

  • Social media marketing is crucial for broad audience reach and community building. 
  • Content marketing drives brand awareness and website traffic.
  • Influencer marketing harnesses the influence of key figures in the blockchain space for sponsored content or events. 
  • Email marketing is a smart and cost-effective strategy for building relationships with your customers.
  • Community building, through forums and events, strengthens customers’ loyalty and amplifies the brand’s presence.

This list is not exhausting, and the services of some agencies run beyond it. The key question is which agency can be considered a true expert in driving recognition and creating a positive image. This review unveils the best digital marketing and PR agencies that help crypto companies make a splash and grab their share of the market.

1. Ptoken

Ptoken is a consulting and marketing agency helping Web3 businesses outshine their competitors. With a robust presence in London, Zurich/Zug, Seoul, Dubai, and Melbourne, spanning Europe and Australasia, this agency boasts over 5 years of expertise in the crypto market. Its core services include ICO fundraising, blockchain/crypto consulting, and marketing. 

Ptoken, with its track record of over 120 projects and a knack for innovative fundraising, has skillfully pooled together more than $600 million, forming strong partnerships with 150+ globally renowned VCs. By increasing the engagement level and driving community growth, Ptoken enables Web3 projects to achieve key milestones and take their ventures to the next level.


Ptoken’s list of satisfied customers includes many renowned companies such as Credefi, NATIX Network, Upbots,, and Symbiosis. In addition, Ptoken partners with recognized industry brands such as CoinMarketCap, Binance, Coindesk and the Cointelegraph.

2. X10 Agency

X10 Agency is a full-scale marketing and PR agency that provides comprehensive solutions for Web3 companies. It has been up and running since 2016, offering a wide array of promotional services that have already helped over 200 projects gain traction. 

Recognised at the top NFT agency by Entrepreneur and the top marketing agency for Web3, AI, crypto, and NFT projects by, X10 ensures its clients also attain prominence in the industry. To accomplish this, a team of dedicated marketing experts contribute their knowledge in creating standout content and fueling community buzz.


Whether you are looking to build and manage a community, run a PR and influencer marketing campaign or boost your web traffic, X10 is the agency that can do it. Counting among its big-name clients are Bifrost, Probit, Orbcity, and Mercuryo. 

3. 2PMarketing

2PMarketing stands out as an agile, full-cycle marketing agency, crafting custom marketing strategies that resonate with blockchain and FinTech companies. Its key advantage lies in its adaptability, which ensures a comprehensive reach within the crypto industry. Leveraging the oRTB protocol, the agency engages blockchain-oriented audiences effectively.

To boost retention rates and transform passive users into active buyers, 2PMarketing uses mass mailing techniques involving strategic remarketing and push notifications. In addition to providing SMM and community management services, it offers a range of website optimization services such as SEO, design, content analysis, semantic framework, and user flow refinements.


2PMarketing’s solutions have driven success for over 100 projects including high-profilers like Azuro, OKx, KuCoin, Huobi, Fairspin, Sensorium, and BitOK. 

4. Outset PR

    Outset PR is a dynamic digital marketing and PR agency led by Mike Ermolaev, a front-runner in crypto media collaboration. He is a regular contributor to leading publishers such as Benzinga and, and his opinions carry weight in the industry. Fueled by influencers’ impact, Outset PR helps crypto projects of any level increase their presence in the market.

    The agency’s proficiency spans beyond blockchain and Web3, extending into the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Its core services include strategic PR, traffic acquisition, and media coverage. Outset PR excels in distributing publications to top-tier outlets like Cointelegraph, Coindesk, The Verge, Wired, TechCrunch, CryptoDaily, and others, reaching an audience of millions.


    Outset PR has helped Dash, Step App, ScapesMania, ChangeNOW and many other projects achieve widespread acclaim.

    5. Wachsman 

    Wachsman blends traditional financial expertise with DeFi and FinTech, ensuring that their clients’ communications resonate in the tech-savvy media environment. This agency helps its clients hit the mark by crafting compelling content, mapping out digital strategies, and timing product launches.

    Wachsman simplifies complex policy and regulatory topics with a team of seasoned communication experts. It also has ties to major events such as CES, SXSW, and the World Economic Forum in Davos, providing customized event recommendations, speaker application assistance, and on-site media interviews.


    Many reputable companies have benefited from Wachsman’s marketing expertise, including eToro, CoinDesk, Kraken, BitPay and Trezor.

    6. LaunchIT 

    LaunchIT is a marketing and PR agency helping crypto and FinTech startups boost their brand awareness. With an individualized approach, LaunchIT tailors its strategies to meet the special needs of each client. It can craft turn-key marketing solutions, from full-scale promo-campaigns to small one-off tasks.

    The agency excels at pinpointing the perfect advertising channels that ramp up a startup’s visibility and snag audience attention. LaunchIT deftly manages its clients’ online presence via search engine reputation management to keep its good name in the digital space.


    Thanks to LaunchIT, many projects, such as Master Ventures, GBC.AI and Swapzone, have gained recognition and higher retention.

    7. MarketAcross

    MarketAcross is a key player in blockchain PR and marketing. It provides end-to-end promotional services, achieving high efficiency through personal relations with influential editors and writers. The agency can develop a marketing strategy from scratch or improve an existing one by identifying and eliminating weak points.

    Working closely with C-level executives, MarketAcross aims to enhance leadership and media presence through ghostwriting services. With the focus on cultivating an authentic and positive image within the crypto community, the MarketAcross team can address and manage any negative feedback.


    MarketAcross has a large clientele of over 150 projects, working with many prominent brands. Its satisfied customers include heavyweights such as Simplex, Polygon, Matic, Polkadot and Skrill.

    8. LeanMarketing.Crypto

    LeanMarketing.Crypto is a blockchain marketing agency offering a range of marketing services for DeFi projects. Its Blockchain-Ads network, a performance-based Web3 ad protocol, enables targeted advertising campaigns without relying on traditional platforms like Google or Facebook. This innovative approach enhances DeFi project awareness, driving traffic and conversions. 

    The agency builds trust through dynamic blog content and eye-catching infographics that effectively capture customer attention. LeanMarketing’s PR gurus are also sharp at teaming up with influencers, fine-tuning websites to climb the search engine ladder, and forging strong online communities.


    Over 100 projects have felt the positive impact of LeanMarketing’s efforts, including prominent players such as Sommelier.Finance, Rubic.Finance,, and

    9. Token Agency

    Token Agency offers a comprehensive suite of PR and marketing services tailored for success in the crypto space. With crypto’s largest GDPR-compliant dataset, it executes scalable, ROI-positive advertising campaigns globally. Token Agency’s proven pitch coaching and design workflow secure wins in hackathons and contests.  

    Navigating blockchain journalism, Token Agency secures coverage in tier 1 publications. From blogs to video content, it enhances consumer trust through strategic content creation. Facilitating IEO placements and collaborating with top crypto influencers, Token Agency ensures your brand gets maximum exposure and success in the crypto landscape.

    token agencytoken agency

    Token Agency’s impact resonates in the success stories of various projects including Market Protocol, Elementus, Gojoy, and FINDMINE.

    10. Melrose PR

    Melrose PR is a crypto-focused marketing agency, steering Web3 companies toward communication success. It blends best practices in brand strategy, media relations, content creation, and thought leadership that ensure clients actively participate in crucial industry conversations.

    Melrose offers expertise in positioning, announcements, press relations and thought leadership. The agency also specializes in media training, interview preparation, expert commentaries, editorials and explainer video scripts.


    In the realm of blockchain tech, Melrose PR proudly stands behind groundbreaking projects like BitGo, Blockdaemon, Mina, and OpenNode.  

    Comparison Table

    Agency Services Notable clients and partners
    Ptoken Strategic positioning and targeting, fundraising, crafting a white paper, tokemonics development, legal advice and creation of essential documentation Credefi, NATIX Network, Upbots, CoinMarketCap, Binance, Coindesk,  
    X10 Agency White paper and Pitch Deck creation, content distribution, influencer marketing, community management, setting up collabs and partnerships, SEO, website optimization Bifrost, Probit, Orbcity, and Mercuryo
    2PMarketing Design and branding, advertising, crafting PR and communication strategies, website optimization, content production, SMM and community management Azuro, OKx, KuCoin, Huobi, Fairspin, Sensorium, and BitOK, 
    Outset PR Strategic PR, traffic acquisition, media coverage, content distribution in tier-1 outlets, newsbreak promotion, brand development, content creation, SERM Dash, Step App, ScapesMania, ChangeNOW,, XPANCEO
    Wachman Content production, creation of PR strategies and timing product launches, consulting, crafting customized event recommendations, speaker application assistance, and on-site media interviews eToro, CoinDesk, Kraken, BitPay, Trezor
    LaunchIT Development of marketing strategies, production and distribution of content, digital advertising  Master Ventures, GBC.AI, Swapzone
    MarketAcross SEO, public relations, content making, ORM services, thought leadership, content distribution, crafting a messaging strategy Simplex, Polygon, Matic, Polkadot, Skrill
    LeanMarketing  Targeted advertising campaigns, creation of blog content and eye-catching infographics, setting up collaboration with influencers, website optimization Sommelier.Finance, Rubic.Finance,,
    Token Agency Branding and design, strategic consulting, production of video and blog content, programmatic advertising, investor pitch coaching Market Protocol, Elementus, Gojoy, FINDMINE
    Melrose PR  Positioning, announcements, press relations, thought leadership, media training, interview preparation, expert commentaries, editorials and content creation BitGo, Blockdaemon, Mina, OpenNode

    Bottom Line

    The success of businesses, especially those in the crypto realm, hinges on their visibility and reputation, a challenge adeptly met by professional marketing and PR agencies. The agencies explored in this review are not just service providers; they are the architects of brand elevation. These agencies don’t just create engaging social media campaigns, they go the extra mile by weaving compelling narratives, partnering with powerful influencers, and fostering real community connections. They make sure their clients don’t just stand out but rock it in the fast-moving world of crypto.

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