The Rise of Hot New MemeCoins In 2024. ApeMax, Bonk, Snek, Corgi Ai, Memecoin By 9gag, And Dogwifhat
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While Dogecoin may have paved the way for lighthearted digital assets, 2024 has witnessed the emergence of several new cryptocurrency contenders, each contributing to redefining the vibrant and evolving meme coin ecosystem. Among these, ApeMax stands out with its innovative staking system, and others such as Bonk, Snek, Corgi Ai, Memecoin, Pepe Coin, and Dogwifhat have also been gaining traction.

So, what’s behind the surge in popularity of these novel meme coins? Let’s explore some of these rising stars, diving beyond their catchy names and cute mascots to understand their underlying functionalities and offer insights into what truly sets them apart in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.


ApeMax redefines what a meme coin can be. This new contender revolutionizes staking by introducing the “Boost-to-Earn” staking system. ApeMax, operating on BSC, enables user participation by offering a potentially engaging and interactive way to earn rewards. This innovative feature has resonated within the crypto community, as evidenced by its growing base of coin holders and the impressive 3.5 billion coins already staked on the ApeMax platform, marking it as a standout player in the evolving world of digital currencies.


Similar to Dogecoin, Bonk is a dog-inspired cryptocurrency on the Solana blockchain. Bonk is a community-driven project focused on boosting liquidity within the Solana ecosystem. By incentivizing users to provide liquidity to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) through its tokenomics, Bonk seeks to improve the functionality and user experience of DeFi applications on Solana.


Debuting on the Cardano blockchain in February 2022, Snek is a community-driven projects which avoids pre-mining and team allocations and promotes a united atmosphere among its users. Presently, Snek boasts a market cap exceeding $80 million.

Memecoin by 9gag

As the name suggests, this meme coin directly stems from the popular online meme platform 9gag. Memecoin by 9gag aims to create a tokenized economy within the 9gag community, enabling users to reward content creators and incentivize user engagement. This initiative aims to reshape the dynamics of meme creation and consumption within Web3.


Dogwifhat, a new entrant in the meme coin arena, quickly made a splash in the blockchain world. Shortly after its launch, it soared to the top of meme coin rankings on major platforms like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Although its practical uses are yet to be established, Dogwifhat exemplifies the significant appeal and following that meme coins have in the blockchain space.

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Meme coins captivate audiences with their engaging communities, lightheartedness, and viral appeal through humor-driven marketing. These coins create inclusive spaces where people bond over shared jokes and interests, fostering a positive atmosphere.

The affordability of meme coins opens doors for those new to crypto, but also for those missed out on the rise of crypto giants. Meme coins invite individuals to participate in the crypto world with smaller commitments. Their ability to swiftly gain traction and generate buzz online showcases their potential to bring joy and excitement to the market, drawing attention in a fun, engaging, and welcoming way to newcomers.

Which new meme coin will explode in 2024?

Predicting which new meme coin will “explode” in 2024 is incredibly difficult, bordering on impossible. Several factors contribute to the success of cryptocurrencies, including:

  1. Market sentiment: Overall confidence and hype surrounding the crypto market.
  2. Project fundamentals: The underlying technology, use case, and innovation behind the token.
  3. Community engagement: The community’s size, enthusiasm, and activity.
  4. Unforeseen events: Unexpected news and macro crypto market events.

Wrapping Up

The rise of new meme coins in 2024, including ApeMax, Bonk, Snek, Memecoin by 9gag, and Dogwifhat, is redefining the cryptocurrency landscape. These coins extend beyond mere humor, introducing innovative functionalities and fostering vibrant communities. They draw in a broader audience with their welcoming, light-hearted nature and lower barriers to entry, enhancing the accessibility and appeal of the cryptocurrency world.

Before buying your preferred meme coin, it is important to exercise caution. It is important to do your own research and understand the risks associated with purchasing any cryptocurrency. This article does not offer any financial advice.

For those curious about ApeMax, please visit the official website for more information and buyer eligibility. Please note, people from restricted countries listed on the ApeMax website are not eligible to purchase ApeMax tokens at presale.

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