Tenderly Elevates Metamask Snap with Sayfer-Verified Security

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Tel Aviv, Israel, January 18th, 2024, Chainwire

Tenderly is elevating the Web3 experience with its Simulate Asset Changes Snap. This innovative collaboration with Sayfer seamlessly merges Tenderly’s powerful simulation capabilities with MetaMask Snaps’ extensive features.

Who is Tenderly

Tenderly, a key player in Web3 development, is reshaping the Web3 landscape with its robust infrastructure solutions. Covering every aspect of the dApp development lifecycle, Tenderly empowers developers with tools for rapid development, testing, deployment, and on-chain monitoring. 

This integration with MetaMask reinforces Tenderly’s commitment to secure Web3 products and provides users with a more informed and secure transaction environment.

Collaboration with Sayfer

Collaborating with Sayfer, a renowned security audit firm, Tenderly endeavors to enhance the transparency and visibility of dApp contract calls. This initiative ensures users a secure and comprehensive Web3 experience.

The Sayfer Seal of Security

Ensuring top-tier security, Tenderly entrusted Sayfer with the audit process for the Tenderly Simulate Asset Changes MetaMask Snap. Sayfer’s expertise not only validated the product’s safety but also earned it a spot on the official Snap Directory, boosting visibility within the MetaMask community.

During the audit, Tenderly commended Sayfer’s expert team for meeting the highest security benchmarks and adhering to top-notch UI/UX practices. The fortified MetaMask Snap stands as a beacon of trust, combining Tenderly’s innovation with Sayfer’s security prowess.

Inviting Users to Join the Revolution

Tenderly’s collaboration with Sayfer isn’t just about secure code – it’s about reinforcing trust in Web3 development. With a shared vision of a connected digital future, this partnership speaks volumes about the commitment to excellence in every line of code and every deployment made by Tenderly.

About Sayfer

Sayfer is an innovative cybersecurity consulting firm specializing in tailored cybersecurity solutions for businesses. 

Our team of researchers and business threat analysts approach cybersecurity with a hacker mindset. This allows us to effectively prioritize and provide solutions to the most critical areas at risk and address vulnerabilities that traditional security products may overlook. Further, by adhering to the latest industry standards, such as the Smart Contract Security Verification Standard (SCSVSv2), we help businesses comply with major regulations such as SOC2, ISO27001, and HIPAA.

At Sayfer, we work tirelessly to ensure the safety and protection of your business from cyber threats, giving you the peace of mind to continue growing your business.

ContactGan ShaySayfergs@sayfer.io

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