Shibarium Node Provider Records 413 Million Calls As Shiba Inu Layer-2 Takes Off
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Popular Shibarium RPC node provider reports a surge in demand following the integration of the Shiba Inu-backed layer-2 network.

In August, the Shiba Inu team unveiled the much anticipated Shibarium, a layer-2 network built atop Ethereum. The new network supports the creation of decentralized applications and aims to lure users with cheap fees and near-instant transactions.

Four months later, the popular Web3 tooling provider NOWNodes has shared its assessment of the layer-2 network. The report released this week, among other things, highlights the broad adoption of Shibarium by developer teams and organizations looking to tap into the new chain.

For instance, the report shows that the NOWNodes RPC node dedicated to Shibarium received 413 million calls between September 21 and December 22.

RPCs typically serve as an endpoint for wallets and decentralized applications (dApp) to interact with an underlying blockchain. Token transfer requests and dApp transactions are usually parsed through an RPC endpoint from which validators access and process the request.

Following Shibarium’s August launch, NOWNodes revealed that its RPC nodes received a record seven million calls. Evidently, Shibarium sustained growth in the coming weeks, with the reported 413 million calls representing an average of 34 million calls per week since the node launched.

Shibarium Node Provider Statistics | NOWNodes

Meanwhile, NOWNodes affirmed that in line with Shibarium’s usage surge in November, the number of calls to its node increased by 98% that month. Notably, all the statistics omit NOWNodes’s dedicated access nodes, suggesting the figures may be significantly higher than projected.

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Shibarium Demand Surges

The latest figures reported by NOWNodes are typical of growth that has been recorded on the Shibarium in recent times. Earlier this week, the network surpassed 200 million transactions, reaching that milestone in roughly four months after it went live.

Similarly, the Shibarium DeFi ecosystem is in the ascendancy. The layer-2 network recently reclaimed the $1 million TVL for the first time in a few weeks, setting the tone for more SHIB burns and the overall growth of the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

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