Shiba Inu Reveals Plans to Onboard 1,000 Projects on Shibarium
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Shiba Inu ecosystem marketing lead Lucie has taken to the X (formerly Twitter) platform to reveal the vision of the team behind the popular Layer-2 scaling solution Shibarium.

According to a recent X post, Lucie noted that the Shibarium team aspires to onboard 1,000 projects to the L2 network in the future. Beyond onboarding 1,000 projects, the team also plans to enter into strategic partnerships with top firms that could further bolster Shibarium’s adoption.

Widespread Adoption of Shibarium

Since its launch in August 2023, Shibarium has attracted the interest of top projects, including MARSWAP, ChewySwap, DogSwap, PunkSwap, Shibex, WoofSwap, LeetSwap, Woof Finance, BoneDex, and Ball Exchange, among others.

Other projects, like K9 Finance (K9), have also indicated plans to go live on the Shibarium network. In addition, the Shibarium network is gradually attracting the interest of top exchanges. As reported earlier, leading crypto exchanges, including and GroveX, have added support for Shibarium.

Notably, Shibarium has continued to gain traction in recent times. The network recently surpassed 300 million total transactions after processing between 1.7 million and 7.5 million transactions daily for seven consecutive weeks. 

At press time, Shibarium boasts a total of 317,450,117 (317.45 million) transactions. The network has also minted 2,887,993 (2.88 million) blocks, with an average block time of 5.0 seconds.

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Additionally, the total value locked (TVL) on Shibarium is currently around $803,084. Recall that the figure surpassed $1.3 million days after its public relaunch in August. However, the massive decline in crypto prices has wreaked havoc on Shibarium’s TVL.

Shiba Inu Team Calls for Patience

The recent dip in crypto prices has affected Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens, leaving many investors frustrated. Interestingly, Lucie called for patience to calm the situation, urging Shiba Inu community members to “stay strong during challenging times.”

Furthermore, the marketing specialist shared some financial tips to keep investors safe. According to Lucie, people should only invest in tokens after conducting due diligence.

She also advised the community to only invest what they can afford to lose. Going contrary to these warnings could spell doom for investors as there is no guarantee that your investment will yield returns.

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