Shiba Inu: CoinGecko Expands Coverage to Track Assets on Shibarium
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Prominent market tracker CoinGecko has expanded its coverage to include assets on Shibarium, the blockchain network associated with the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

CoinGecko has included a dedicated page tracking the digital assets on the Shibarium network. Turkish-based X user “ShibLegolas.Shibarium” recently called the public’s attention to the development in a post on social media platform X.

“CoinGecko added the Shibarium network. Now, you can see coins in the Shibarium network in the Geko terminal,” the Turk Shiba Inu enthusiast disclosed.

He specifically tagged prominent Shiba Inu figures such as Shytoshi Kusama, Lucie, Vet Kusama, and Ragnar.

Reacting to the disclosure, members of the Shiba Inu community expressed excitement around the development, as it indicates growing visibility and publicity for the Shibarium network.

CoinGecko Tracking Shiba Inu Assets

The esteemed market tracking platform now has a category on its website for “Top Shibarium Ecosystem Coins by Market Cap.” This page provides records for 24 digital assets associated with Shibarium, ranked by their market valuation.

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Expectedly, Shiba Inu (SHIB) leads the pack with a crypto market exceeding $5.199 billion at the reporting time. The site shows SHIB changes hands at $0.000008839, with a 24-hour trading volume of $78.94 million.

Just behind SHIB is Shibarium’s gas token, Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), with a market cap of $150.99 million. BONE registered a trading volume of $6.26 million, lower than SHIB’s record by 13 folds.

Also, CoinGecko ranked Doge Killer (LEASH) next with a $27.88 million valuation. This asset has a market value of $260.16 amid its relatively smaller circulating supply compared to Shiba Inu.

Notably, CoinGecko indicated that BONE and LEASH had recorded notable 24-hour gains of 8% and 2.1%, respectively, unlike SHIB, which had a 0.9% negative growth. 

Meanwhile, other ranked Shibarium tokens with market valuations in millions of dollars include Pawswap (PAW, $10.15 million), “Not Financial Advice” (NFAI, $8.867 million), xFUND ($3.90 million), and (WOOF, $1.72 million).

However, for some other assets, CoinGecko only tracked their 24-hour trading volume with no records of the market valuations.

In the meantime, similar platforms with records of Shibarium tokens in Fxempire, Coinscan, and Coindataflow.

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