Ripple Labs Completes In-House Transfer of 70M XRP
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American blockchain payments firm Ripple Labs Inc. has completed the internal transfer of 70,000,000 XRP.

According to data insights from Whale Alert, the 70 million XRP originated from an address controlled by Ripple. At the time Ripple initiated the transaction, it was valued at $43,171,395, implying that each XRP token moved was priced at $0.6167.

At the time of writing, XRP price has jumped to $0.6241, up by 0.83% in the past 24 hours. The coin’s market capitalization has also soared by an equal rate to $33,770,969,356, marking a major deviation from the bearish path set by the trading volume which is down 13.85% to $1,505,001,631.

Ripple’s XRP Movement: a Predominant Trend

While it was visible that the funds originated from a Ripple account, the fear of selloff is allayed as the assets were moved to another wallet the company activated on October 2.

The wallet the funds originated from has been active since August 11, 2015, and the last 5 transactions this month featured a credit of 200,000,000 XRP on December 1.

The remaining transactions were debit, including two outflows of 60,000,000 XRP, one involving 120,000,000 XRP, and the most recent 70,000,000 XRP. After the latest transfer, the Ripple-owned wallet boasts a balance of 26.340 million XRP.

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The receiving wallet on the other hand is a relatively new one with a balance of 165.806 million XRP at the time of writing. Prior to this deposit of 70,000,000 XRP, the address recorded a series of outflows of 500,000 XRP, 400,000 XRP, and 10.575 million respectively. 

The internal transfers of XRP now form a key trend that is possibly defining the firm’s operational activity.

XRP Whale Transfer Watch

XRP whale transfers are a key defining factor in the coin’s current momentum. While Ripple remains a top whale shaping XRP’s liquidity, there are also unknown whales whose transfer activity equally shapes the outlook of the coin.

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