Ripple CTO Addresses Recent AMM Implementation Delay
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David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple, has recently commented on the recent actions from several XRPL validators causing the implementation delay of the automated market maker (AMM).

In an X Spaces session hosted by XRPL dUNL validator Vet, the Ripple CTO expressed his satisfaction with the manner in which the broader XRPL community handled the discovery of the bug in the automated market maker code.

Ripple CTO Reacts to AMM Delay

It bears mentioning that some validators discussed the bug, and rescinded their Yes votes, causing the XLS-30D amendment to lose consensus. Amid this action, Schwartz emphasized that he is particularly satisfied with the fact that these development actions are visible to the public.

“Sometimes, I’m like, ‘I wish that didn’t happen,’ but overall, the process is pretty good. Everybody got to express their views. Things didn’t always go the way that I thought, and that’s good,” Schwartz remarked.

He stressed that an approach that involved him or a team privately deciding what was good and dumping it on the community would be worse than what the XRPL community is experiencing now. 

While Schwartz disclosed his desire to see the reactions less acrimonious, he admitted that such an atmosphere would not ooze the needed passion. According to him, despite the contentions that occurred, as opinions clashed among community members, he is satisfied with the transparent community interactions.

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Schwartz noted that he hopes there is no real acrimony between community members due to this. He stressed that, while Ripple would like the XRPL to evolve as quickly as possible, they would also like to be safe. He clarified that the firm has no hidden agenda toward any amendment.

XRPL Validators Revoke Votes

Recall that the XRP community anticipated the imminent launch of the AMM feature on the XRP Ledger on Feb. 14 after the XLS-30D amendment attained the minimum validator consensus on Feb. 1. Most validators, including those who had reservations earlier, eventually voted Yes.

However, on Feb. 1, RippleX, the developer arm of Ripple, identified a bug which caused delays in transactions by three to five seconds. While the effect of this bug was rather minor, some validators decided to rescind their support, changing their votes to Nay.

These validators include XRPL Labs, Vet, xSpectar, and Eminence. With the absence of these votes, the validator consensus for the amendment slipped below 80%, as reported by The Crypto Basic yesterday. 

Notably, Ripple, Bitso, XRPScan, Bifrost, Bithomp, Alloy Networks, and 17 more notable dUNL validators have retained their Yes votes as of press time. However, this is not enough to secure the minimum validator consensus threshold, with consensus currently sitting at 65.71%.

Most of the validators that revoked their votes explained the reason behind their actions. According to them, it would not present a good look on the XRP Ledger and the broader community to pass an amendment with a bug. They noted that they would reinstate their Yes votes once a fix has been implemented.

According to RippleX, developers are currently reviewing the fix, and an implementation will materialize as soon as possible. The fix to the bug could come with the next XRPL version, rippled 2.1.0, due for release in one to two weeks.

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