Pepe Price Prediction 2024 – Investors Shift To New Meme Crypto On Solana Blockchain!
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The $PEPE token was released in 2023 without a presale event, and it quickly became the highest gainer in the meme coin market. Some investors saw returns of over 5,000,000%, a figure that’s hard to comprehend, but after the initial explosions, PEPE dropped significantly. However, it is still over 1,600% compared to last year.

The token is still among the most popular memes on the market, but it’s unlikely to repeat the gains it had any time soon. On the other hand, a new Solana meme coin known as the Smog Token is likely to become the next BONK and is the next meme that will explode by 50x or more!

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Pepe Price Prediction for 2024

As one of the most popular meme coins on the market, PEPE is currently ranked as the 129th crypto by market cap and 66th most-traded token in the past 24 hours. While these numbers are less impressive than other memes, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, PEPE has been available for trading for less than a year.

The token is selling for $0.0000009616, over 1,600% higher than its initial listing price. The token made a name for itself in 2023 as one of the highest gainers in crypto history, and despite losing over 60% of its all-time highs, it’s still regarded as one of the best meme coin investments on the market.

With a max supply of over 420 trillion tokens, PEPE’s growth in the future is hard to predict. It’s currently in a bearish market, and despite making small daily gains, it’s currently in a downfall. The most optimistic forecasts for 2024 say that PEPE will close the year with a minimum of $0.000000813, which would be about 20% lower than the current price. However, the most optimistic predictions put it at $0.00000124, which translates to 20% gains.

Some experts think it could reach prices of up to $0.0000065, but only if banks worldwide start cutting interest rates by the end of the year. That would result in higher demand for the PEPE token, which could help it gain momentum and turn the current bearish sentiment into a potential bull run. The outcome largely depends on the FED, so making an accurate prediction is quite challenging.

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Smog Token – The Next 50x Meme Coin Built on the Solana Blockchain

While most meme coins are built on the Ethereum blockchain, recent releases of Solana memes such as BONK, WIF, MYRO, and others have sparked a new era for meme coin markets. Most newly released SOL memes made impressive gains as soon as they went live, and the Smog Token is the next big meme built on Solana that’s likely to shake the entire meme coin ecosystem.

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The Next Solana Meme to Explode in 2024

The Smog Token or $SMOG is the next Solana-based meme coin that will shake the markets, resulting in 50x gains in the next few months. It will launch straight to Jupiter DEX, so you can buy it using only SOL tokens. Jupiter DEX exceeded Uniswap’s trading volumes, making Smog’s launch a guaranteed success. It’s expected to make gains similar to Pepe Coin, which means that early investors will likely get massive returns.

Moreover, Smog Token’s launch will be the greatest SOL airdrop of all time and will launch with a $2 million market cap. The platform got its name after the famous dragon from the Lord of the Rings and will become the One Solana Meme Coin to Rule them All.

The token will launch without a presale, ensuring all investors have a fair chance of getting high returns. It’s set to become the leading Sol meme coin of 2024, following the footsteps of other high-gaining memes such as Pepe, Bonk, Dogwifhat, and Sponge.

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Smog Token Tokenomics

As mentioned above, $SMOG is a Solana-based meme coin, so it’s an SPN token. The total supply is 1.4 billion coins, divided into four categories. 50% of the supply will be used for marketing efforts, and 35% will be allocated to the largest Solana meme coin airdrop rewards. 10% will stay locked for CEX launches, and the remaining 5% will be reserved for the DEX launch.

Future Roadmap

The Smog Token has three phases. The first phase aims to build a strong community around the platform across social media, including Telegram, X (formerly Twitter), Discord, Zealy, and Linktree.

The second phase includes a fair launch for $SMOG tokens, giving all community members fair chances to buy $SMOG tokens directly from the Jupiter exchange. That will mark the launch of the airdrop, rewarding over 10,000 community members with $SMOG tokens. As the platform becomes more prevalent, a portion of the tokens will be burned to reduce supply and increase value.

The third and final phase will include even more airdrops that will reward over 100,000 Chosen Warriors. By this time, $SMOG tokens will be known as the Solana Meme Kings, providing investors with the highest returns.

How to Buy $SMOG Tokens?

The only way to buy $SMOG tokens is to head to the Jupiter exchange and connect your Solana-compatible crypto wallet, such as Phantom.

Then, you can exchange your SOL, USDT, BONK, or any other token of your choice to obtain $SMOG tokens. You enter the airdrop reward pool that will take place once $SMOG officially launches on Solana. The final step is to sign up for the airdrop to earn extra points. You will get a list of tasks, and once you complete them, you’ll earn more points, increasing your chances of earning free $SMOG during the airdrop event.

Final Words

The meme coin craze from 2023 extends into 2024, but this year’s focus is on Solana-based coins, with $SMOG leading the way. If you missed your chance to invest in Pepe coins early on, you could now focus on the Smog Token, which will likely become the highest-gaining meme coin this year. Follow the instructions above and complete a few easy tasks to earn airdrop points to win even more free $SMOG tokens after the official launch. Good luck!

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