Manta Network Made +46% This Week Against Market Trends, Who Will Do It Next Week?
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Manta Network (MANTA) has made an impressive stride in the cryptocurrency market, recording a remarkable 46% gain this week, defying broader market trends. This surge in value is particularly noteworthy as it comes in a period where the native token reached a new all-time high, trading close to $3, shortly after an airdrop for early supporters.

The token’s price hovered around $2.89, marking a 30% increase in just 24 hours, and its trading volume soared above $500 million across various exchanges like Binance. This performance has elevated Manta Network into the top 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. Moreover, the protocol’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has expanded significantly since its inception in January, now exceeding $430 million across all blockchains, placing it among the top 10 largest decentralized protocols.

Given Manta Network’s impressive performance, defying broader market trends, it raises an intriguing question: Who will be the next to achieve such a notable gain in the coming week? The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and unpredictability, making it a challenge to predict which project will emerge as the next standout performer. Let’s try to find the answer together in this article!

ScapesMania: A Newcomer to the Crypto Scene

As February approaches, the completion of ScapesMania’s fund gathering campaign is nearing. The immediate listing on popular exchange platforms is set to follow, potentially catapulting the ScapesMania token into the stratosphere.

The journey to success begins with strategic post-listing marketing. Guided by a team with extensive expertise, ScapesMania is poised to achieve new heights.

Furthermore, a journey with ScapesMania isn’t just about holding digital assets; it’s about enjoying the perks of token buyback & burn and staking.

With its strong practicality, ScapesMania’s token stands out in a meme-filled market. Join the community that believes in the real-world applications and long-term viability of ScapesMania!

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Standout Features

ScapesMania is a one-of-a-kind gaming ecosystem, where crypto-savvy audiences join forces with the vibrant community of casual players, paving the way to substantial growth. The ScapesMania community is buzzing with enthusiasm, which is reflected in $4,900,000+ garnered from crowd/retail contributions to date.

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Empowering Holders

ScapesMania ensures participants get precisely what they desire: gamers enjoy their favorite pastime, while crypto enthusiasts can leverage the ecosystem’s performance and shape its future through DAO, all without engaging in gameplay.

Furthermore, acquiring ScapesMania tokens unlocks extra perks. By joining the presale, you can access bonuses totaling up to +102%. You can also score referral rewards by introducing ScapesMania to your friends.

Verified Excellence

ScapesMania’s smart contract has successfully undergone scrutiny from leading security-ranking companies, providing peace of mind for holders.

The award-winning ScapesMania team secured a prestigious grant from a prominent player in the blockchain industry and is constantly engaging with a flourishing community of over 60K+ followers.

Potential for Expansion

ScapesMania is part of the massive $376 billion gaming industry, and its growth potential is fueled by this booming market. After its debut on exchange platforms, holders can expect greater liquidity and easier access to trade.

In recent developments, a wave of momentum was created by crypto whales with deposits of $20,000+ choosing ScapesMania as their next big potential gainer.

ScapeMania’s Prospects

ScapesMania tokens are currently a steal, priced at just $0.00898 per coin during the presale. By joining the presale, early adopters could potentially be looking at significant returns after ScapesMania makes its debut on exchanges. Of course, the already-advantageous ROI can only be just the beginning as ScapesMania has ambitious plans for its multi-stage post-listing development.

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Manta Network (MANTA) Back in Business After Rocky Token Listing

In a remarkable turn of events, Manta Network (MANTA) has bounced back following a challenging token listing earlier this month. The zero-knowledge proof-powered layer-2 blockchain faced a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack and controversy over the transfer of 2 million Manta Network (MANTA) tokens. However, the network has since stabilized and boasts a fully diluted market cap of $3.1 billion.

Kenny Li, co-founder of p0x labs, the creator of Manta Network (MANTA), highlighted the protocol’s improved profit margins through its layer-2 technology. The network has saved users approximately 1 million dollars in the past 30 days. Manta Network (MANTA) is focusing on expanding its ecosystem, particularly in Korea, where it has seen significant growth in total value locked (TVL) through projects like LayerBank and Shoebill.

Despite growth, Manta Network (MANTA) has shifted its focus from exploring the privacy aspect of zero-knowledge technology due to regulatory uncertainties in the U.S. Instead, the network is concentrating on zero-knowledge enabled decentralized applications, including a fully on-chain poker and mintage of decentralized identities. Manta Network (MANTA) combined TVL across minted and bridged assets is $1.5 billion, and p0x labs raised $25 million in its Series A at a valuation of $500 million in July 2023.

The Manta Network (MANTA) token’s total supply is limited to 1 billion, and its starting price was around $2.3212. After initial fluctuations, the token reached an all-time high of $2.77 but later dropped. The token’s extreme volatility is expected to stabilize as the project gains momentum and a wider user base. The Total Value Locked (TVL) on the Manta Network (MANTA) is over $440 million, indicating significant growth within a few months of its launch.

Considering the recent developments and market performance, Manta Network (MANTA) is poised for potential growth. The network’s focus on expanding its ecosystem, particularly in Korea, and its commitment to zero-knowledge enabled decentralized applications, are likely to drive further interest and investment. The current price volatility is expected to stabilize as the network matures and expands its user base.

Given these factors, it is reasonable to anticipate a gradual increase in the price of Manta Network (MANTA) tokens in the near future. The network’s robust technology, growing TVL, and strategic focus on business development are strong indicators of its potential for sustained growth and value appreciation. Investors and market watchers should keep a close eye on Manta Network (MANTA) as it continues to navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.


Manta Network (MANTA) surged 46% this week, reaching an all-time high and showcasing resilience amid challenges. Meanwhile, projects like ScapesMania, currently in presale and offering tokens at a significant discount, show potential due to their unique gaming-related concept and social media hype.




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