Major Crypto CEO Says XRP Ledger To Process $50 Trillion by 2025
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Graham Rodford, the CEO of U.K.-regulated exchange Archax, has predicted that the XRP Ledger could be processing up to $50 trillion by 2025.

This bold forecast came during the 2023 edition of Ripple’s annual conference, Swell. Members of the XRP community recently unearthed panelist discussions at the conference.

Specifically, the discussion centered on bringing the financial markets on-chain through tokenization. The panelists included Prasanth Kalangi of Tassets, Marius Jurgilas of Axiology, Jeremy Ng of OpenEden, Graham Rodford of Archax, and Markus Infanger, Ripple’s Senior Vice President (SVP).

Ripple’s SVP initiated the discussion by highlighting that real-world asset (RWAs) tokenization bridges the traditional financial realm and a new domain involving cryptocurrencies. This integration enhances economic productivity through the utilization of blockchain technology.

Infanger asserted that tokenization would propel the crypto landscape from dealing in billions to operating in trillions of dollars in the upcoming years.

Moderating the session, he guided the panel members through exploring the opportunities and challenges inherent in RWAs.

RWAs Outlook

Prasanth Kalangi, the founder of Tassets, emphasized his firm’s focus on the technological infrastructure driving RWAs on-chain. He highlighted that Tassets initially concentrated on real estate but later diversified into various asset categories, including private debt and equity. Now, it is exploring opportunities in jet mining. 

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Meanwhile, Kalangi noted that the most successful use case they have observed thus far lies in the semi-liquid asset category rather than in popular sectors like real estate. 

Essentially, he highlighted that tokenization is expanding across various sectors, including in liquid use cases such as treasury bills, a view other panelists agree with.

Notably, Ripple’s SVP directed the panelists to speculate on the Real World Assets tokenization market size and its primary sources by the fourth quarter of 2025.

Jeremy Ng, CEO of OpenEden, proposed that reaching a trillion-dollar RWA market is achievable. He further suggested that stablecoins could emerge as significant players in terms of allocation within RWAs.

XRPL Processing $50 Trillion

Meanwhile, Graham Rodford, CEO of Archax, expressed a more bullish outlook. He highlighted the vastness of the total market, estimated at 1.4 quadrillion across all asset classes. 

Rodford emphasized the increasing trend of assets moving onto blockchain technology across various sectors. He pointed out the growing interest in tokenized money market funds, treasuries, and stablecoins, especially in the context of replacing cash. 

Also, Rodford noted that if major entities like DTCC, Euroclear, or Clearstream transition to native digital formats, it could unleash trillions of assets into digital platforms. 

Considering the enormity of the market, Rodford suggested that tens of trillions, potentially reaching $30 to $50 trillion, could flow through the XRP Ledger, all tradable on Archax, representing only a fraction of the overall market.

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