if XRP Reclaims $3.84 ATH, Ripple Could Set New IPO Valuation Record of $500B: Wall Street Analyst

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Seasoned Wall Street analyst Linda Jones argued Ripple could be setting an unprecedented IPO valuation record where XRP reclaims its previous highs of $3.84.

In an analysis, Linda Jones weighed in on Ripple’s prospect following an eventual initial public offering (IPO). Jones’ assessment hinges on a series of hypothetical scenarios.

It was predominantly contingent on the resolution of Ripple’s ongoing legal battles and the resurgence of XRP’s price to its previous all-time high (ATH) of $3.84. 

Ripple Valuation with XRP at $3.84

Jones underscored that if XRP were to reclaim its ATH, Ripple’s escrowed XRP could potentially amount to a staggering $150 billion valuation. Notably, Ripple has an XRP escrow balance of around 40.5 billion tokens.

Jones argued that a $150 billion valuation in XRP demands a commensurate valuation for Ripple’s stock, aligning with contemporary market trends that have seen tech giants command multi-billion dollar valuations.

The financial expert made illustrations with trillion-dollar tech behemoths Nvidia, Apple, and Amazon. Emphatically, Jones positioned Ripple among these world-class companies, albeit acknowledging its relative youthfulness compared.

Ripple Setting a New Benchmark for IPO Valuation

Furthermore, the Wall Street expert speculated that with a $150 billion XRP valuation, Ripple’s IPO could set a new benchmark. Jones remarked:

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“I could see where we could have a new record for a company at its IPO valuation. Ripple could be the company that makes that new record [since] they had $150 billion worth of XRP.”

In particular, she theorized that Ripple’s stock might be valued at around $350 billion, marking a significant milestone in crypto IPO history. 

Moreover, Jones emphasized that the figure, or even half a trillion dollars, is not far-fetched from where Ripple could be.

Meanwhile, the financial expert noted that Ripple’s current revenue figures would be pivotal in dictating its valuation. However, she acknowledged lacking that piece of information on Ripple’s revenue stream.

Ultimately, the Wall Street analyst stressed that her analysis was largely speculative. Yet, Jones remains optimistic about Ripple’s trajectory, highlighting the attractiveness of Ripple’s shares as an investment opportunity. 

It is worth mentioning that Ripple has shelved its IPO plans, given the current regulatory obstacles.

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