Here’s Why Prices of Ethereum and Polygon Could Surge, Outperforming Top Cryptos in 2024
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The crypto markets have witnessed the emergence of a wide variety of altcoins, which have established a strong presence in the space. In recent times, we have witnessed the AI space gaining more attention. Hence, it is believed that some sectors of the crypto space, including AI, RWA, DeFi, etc could thrive and dominate the markets in the coming days.

Alongside, the Ethereum & Polygon networks are growing stronger regardless of the price actions of their respective native tokens, ETH & MATIC. Interestingly, these networks could become a major base for RWA projects, which are considered the future of the crypto space. As per reports, Ethereum and Polygon host nearly 50% of all the RWA or real-world asset projects, across all blockchains. 

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Ethereum has been the home for smart contracts, decentralised finance, NFT, etc., and numerous projects have been growing over the network. Meanwhile, Polygon’s large user base, relevance, and popularity have also helped the network gain immense adoption, which has led to RWA adoption. However, the other networks are also trying hard to gain some dominance, while Ethereum & Polygon have set up a strong base.

How will this impact the ETH & MATIC prices?

The growth of the value of the native tokens usually depends on the strength and activity of the chain. The growing interactions over the network make the traders optimistic about the future of the token. This could, in turn, increase the buying pressure, which may positively impact the value in the future. With the resurgence of the AI & RWA projects, the ETH & MATIC prices are believed to thrive in the latter half of 2024.

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