Here Is the Potential Timeline for Cardano to Hit $3.51, $7.03, and $10.40
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Cardano (ADA), the seventh largest cryptocurrency is projected to cross $1 again and potentially hit double-digits, but only in a longer time frame. 

Like most altcoins, the price of Cardano has underperformed since the start of 2024. From its yearly opening of around $0.6, ADA has dropped to $0.48 at the time of writing. The decline means the altcoin has lost roughly 20% of its value in the past month. 

Nonetheless, the short-term price action does not reflect Cardano’s potential, according to a forecast by the popular trading platform Changelly.

The forecast cites the project’s strong community and technical developments as reasons to expect higher prices in the coming years. 

The Crypto Basic also queried Google’s AI chatbot Bard on Changelly’s prediction. The results suggest that Cardano could soar to unprecedented levels. 

Possible Timeline for Cardano to Hit $3.51, $7.03, and $10.40

Many analysts predict that the widely expected crypto bull market over the next 24 months will send Bitcoin (BTC) into the six-figure price range. Changelly anticipates a similar outcome for Cardano, albeit with the bull run sending ADA back above $1 towards the end of 2025, precisely in November.

However, higher price levels, such as $3.51, would take significantly longer, at least another full crypto market cycle. The forecasts expect ADA to reach that price range between January and February 2029, or less than four years after the coin crosses $1.

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Meanwhile, the Changelly team expects ADA to double the $3.51 price in just a year, hitting the $7.03 milestone by the end of December 2030. A $7.03 price would represent a 1,460% increase from Cardano’s current price of $0.48.

Lastly, Cardano investors may expect the altcoin to finally enter the double-digit club in 2031, or roughly seven years from now. Changelly expects ADA to reach that $10 landmark in November 2031 and then end the year at around $10.4.

Google Bard Offers a Different Perspective

Google’s popular AI chatbot appears bullish on Cardano’s prospects both in the short and long term. For instance, the bot cited expert sources as suggesting that ADA will hit $3.51 within the next 12-24 months as a result of increased institutional and developer interest in the Cardano blockchain’s ecosystem.

Yet, Bard admits that other higher prices might take a long time to come to fruition. According to the bot, the $7.03 price could come within three to five years (between 2027 and 2029), while the double-digit zone around $10 will require 5-10 years.

If Cardano eventually gets to that range, the bot predicts that the blockchain will “need to revolutionize the way we interact with technology and finance.”

Google Bard Cardano Predictions

It is worth noting that there are no guarantees that these predictions will come true. However, if the cryptocurrency market and the underlying blockchain reach the projected adoption levels as the incumbent traditional financial system, then price action may follow.

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