Financial Market Expert Shares 12 Crypto to Hold, Including XRP
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An influential crypto community member has outlined the array of cryptocurrencies in his digital asset portfolio, including XRP.

In a recent tweet, Vandell, a Black Swan Capitalist deeply engaged in financial markets and wealth preservation, unveiled the composition of his cryptocurrency portfolio.

Vandell emphasized that the pressing requests of fellow participants in the crypto market prompted the decision to disclose the array of tokens in his possession.

“I don’t normally share the digital assets and cryptos that I own. But many ask, so here are several…” Vandell tweeted.

In other words, the disclosure seeks to be a beneficial reference for fellow crypto enthusiasts seeking insights into potential investment opportunities. Notably, the list comprises 12 crypto assets, with XRP taking the spot. 

XRP Takes Top Spot

The fourth-largest altcoin, XRP, was prominent in Vandell’s holding. XRP has been an underperforming cryptocurrency for at least the last five months.

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CoinMarketCap data shows XRP’s cumulative 30 gain is 2.2%, unlike the growth rate observed for other tokens ranking alongside XRP in the top ten.

Meanwhile, Vandell provided no specific clue regarding XRP’s percentage in his crypto portfolio. 

XRP Rival XLM Follows

Furthermore, Vandell ranked XRP’s longstanding rival, Stellar (XLM), in the second position in his listing. With a market cap of $3.72 billion, CoinMarketCap placed XLM as the 24th most prominent crypto project. 

CoinMarketCap statistics indicated that XLM has grown by over 6% since December 3. While the growth rate is not overly impressive, considering its one-week gain is 4%, it is notably better than XRP’s.

Other Cryptos Held

XDC followed next to XRP and XLM in Vandell’s ranking of his held crypto assets. This token has gained an impressive 17.38% over the past week, growing from $0.04825 to $0.05663. XDC has a market cap exceeding $786 million. 

Also, Hedera (HBAR), another token with over 53% gains since December, features in Vandell’s portfolio.

Other crypto projects in the list include Stronghold (SHX), Filecoin (FIL), IOTA, Casper (CSPR), Algorand (ALGO), Kaspa (KAS), LiquidLayer (LILA), and Star Atlas (ATLAS).

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