Ethereum Price Correction: Can ETH Go Lower? New Altcoin is Set to Disrupt a Trillion-Dollar Industry
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No one could imagine the downfall of the 2nd largest crypto: Ethereum (ETH). But, expert market traders are being brutally honest about crypto’s gloomy future.

However, there is good news, too! A new crypto project, Everlodge, is winning investors’ hearts. Since the presale launch, the token’s price has been growing.

In fact, profit-seeking investors shouldn’t pass on this crypto. So, let’s explore why this token is a hit.

Brandt’s Ethereum Price Prediction Gets Concerning; the Token Trades At $2,229.25

Ethereum (ETH) users may shift their holdings to other exchanges. After all, the recent Ethereum price predictions are stressing them out.

Firstly, multiple experts predicted a linear downtrend for Ethereum (ETH) tokens. Secondly, ETH went below a safe price mark of $2,060. It was a price correction from $2,031 to $2,060 for Ethereum (ETH). Thus, it is evident that users may want to save their assets from drowning further.

Though Ethereum (ETH) is currently trading at $2,229.25, risk is still prevalent. Furthermore, famous market trader, Mr Peter Brandt, also predicted a shocking drop for Ethereum (ETH). He said that ETH can go below $650.

However, old Ethereum (ETH) users still hope for improvement after the recent price correction.

Everlodge Crypto Rise as the Saviour of Middle-Class Investors

For years, only wealthy investors bought real estate, and vacation homes. But Everlodge lets users build wealth with real estate investments.

The platform offers fractional vacation home ownership. Additionally, it uses timeshare technology to secure transactions. Further, it digitizes and mints properties into fractionalized NFTs. Thus, investors from different financial backgrounds can co-own upscale properties at a reduced cost.

Vacation rentals are already making revenue above $94.51 billion annually. Now, easy access to property sales will take its revenue and liquidity to outstanding heights.

Furthermore, ELDG token holders get discounted property purchases. Rewards like complimentary nightly stays in Everlodge properties are just amazing.

Currently, the Everlodge presale is in stage 8. Previous presale stages have been successful; early joiners gained great returns. Within a few days, the token price will jump from $0.027 to $0.029. Moreover, the price will keep increasing as the stages pass.


Be sure to take advantage of evidently the best investment of 2024. Ensure to read all the necessary details about this new project. Also, check out the live Everlodge presale today for bonus and discount offers!

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