El Salvador Bitcoin Advisor Predicts XRP to $0.01, SOL to $20

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The price performance of the fourth largest altcoin, XRP, has attracted the attention of a longstanding critic, Max Keiser, the Bitcoin advisor of President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador.

Max Keiser recently took to X to call XRP a “centralized garbage” coin, predicting a gloomy future for the $28 billion-value project. Keiser’s remarks come amid XRP’s significant 24-hour price decline of 4.52%.

Presenting a market chart illustrating XRP’s downward trend, the Bitcoin maximalist asserted that XRP is on a path toward one cent.

More precisely, Keiser expressed the possibility of XRP experiencing an additional decline of 98% from its current market price of $0.5281 to $0.01.

Significantly, the bearish trend affecting XRP is not exclusive to the cryptocurrency. The overall crypto market has been undergoing substantial declines in recent days.

Notably, this recent update is not the first instance of Max Keiser criticizing XRP, branding it as a centralized coin. Keiser’s aversion to XRP and other tokens is well-documented. This reflects his staunch adherence to Bitcoin maximalism, where he perceives all other tokens as potential threats to BTC.

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Max Keiser Says Solana to $20

A few weeks ago, he issued a similarly gloomy price prediction for Solana (SOL) amid the frenzy that saw the SOL breaking into the $100 threshold. Keiser claimed Solana investors were at risk of experiencing a significant rug pull with insiders hypothetically dumping on retail. 

His confidence in the prediction grew when SOL experienced a 15% dip to $96.23. Subsequent to the decline, Keiser asserted that Solana is headed back to $20.


Interestingly, 19 days after his forecast, Solana trades at $87.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin, which Keiser fervently supports, has been the force exerting downward pressure on the crypto market. Over the last two weeks, Bitcoin has experienced a decline of more than 20%, bringing its price down to $40,300. 

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