Donald Trump NFTs Extend to the Bitcoin Network
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Former U.S. President Donald Trump has extended his NFTs journey to the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has capitalized on the hype around NFTs to generate revenue and a strong following. A team backed by Trump has issued NFTs marking key moments in his iconic life using Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. 

However, the team is now expanding to Bitcoin, according to a recent announcement. Precisely, users who purchase the Trump Digital Trading Card Mugshot Edition will receive a one-of-one card minted on the Bitcoin network as an Ordinal. 

Ordinals, which have become increasingly popular in recent times, is a mechanism that allows users to inscribe data, artwork, and collectibles on Bitcoin. Although the structure for Ordinals differs slightly from NFTs, they fundamentally serve the same purpose, having been inscribed immutably on the network. 

To qualify for the latest Bitcoin NFTs by Donald Trump, users must acquire 100 Trump Digital Trading Card Mugshot editions with $99 for one. Over 101 collectors have already completed the task, with the offer only open for 200 persons. Users can claim the Bitcoin Ordinals NFT on the popular NFT marketplace, Magic Eden. 

Dinner with the President on Offer for Collectors

According to the Trump team, the perks of acquiring the Mugshot Edition go beyond receiving the NFTs inscribed on Bitcoin. Collectors will also have the chance to dine with the President at a later date and get a piece of the famous Mugshot suit worn by the former president. 

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Hence, users cannot transfer their digital cards until December 31, 2024, likely after having enjoyed a majority of the benefits associated with their purchase. 

Meanwhile, the latest expansion to Bitcoin comes a few weeks after the Trump NFT team cashed out $2.4 million from selling these digital collectibles.

Although the team claims that the sales are not related to a political campaign, the interaction with the crypto community evidently puts the presidential aspirant in a positive light among participants in the emerging industry. 

Earlier this week, Donald Trump vowed never to allow the creation of a central bank-backed digital currency (CBDC) if elected president. 

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