Crypto Weekly Report: In-Depth Insights on Blockchain, Bitcoin, Altcoins, ETFs and More
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1. Breaking News This Week 

Traders anticipate a March start for Federal Reserve interest rate cuts, but uncertainty lingers after stronger-than-expected December retail sales.

  • Singapore Rejects Bitcoin ETFs

The Monetary Authority of Singapore disapproves of listing Bitcoin ETFs, citing cryptocurrency’s ineligibility as assets for ETFs.

  • SEC Extends Ethereum ETF Decision 

The SEC extends the decision deadline for Fidelity’s spot Ethereum ETF proposal to March 5, coinciding with other Bitcoin ETF applications.

  • Binance Launches in Thailand 

Gulf Binance, a Binance and Gulf Innova joint venture, launches crypto exchange services in Thailand for public access.

  • Accelerated SEC Timeline for Bitcoin ETF Options 

SEC aims for potential approval of spot Bitcoin ETF-based options by the end of February.

  • Ripple Objects to SEC Request 

Ripple responds to SEC’s motion to compel, arguing it seeks irrelevant information and challenges the need for new data.

  • SEC vs. Coinbase Complexity 

SEC and Coinbase await a judge’s decision on whether secondary-market trades of a dozen tokens on the exchange violate securities law. 

2. Blockchain Performance 

In this section, we will analyse two things primarily: the top-performing blockchains based solely on their 7-day change and the top performers among the top five blockchains with the highest TVL.  

2.1. Top Blockchain Performers by 7-Day Change 

Blockchain  7-Day Change (in %)
Mode  +357%
Viction  +185%
PulseChain  +120%
ICP +109%
DogeChain  +59.50%

Among the top blockchain performers by 7-day change, Mode takes the lead with an impressive +357%, followed by Viction at +185%. PulseChain demonstrates a notable +120%, while ICP and DogeChain show positive trends with +109% and +59.50%, respectively. 

2.2. Top Performers: 7-Day Change in Top 5 Blockchains with Highest TVL

Blockchain  7d Change  TVL (in Billion)
Ethereum  -0.35% $32.884b
Tron  -3.49% $7.827b
BSC -2.11% $3.476b
Arbitrum  +1.67% $2.631b
Solana  +3.19% $1.362b

In the realm of top-performing blochains by 7-day change and highest TVL, Ethereum maintains stability with a slight decrease of -0.35%, boasting a substantial $32.884 billion TVL. Solana shows robust growth at +3.19%, securing a $1.362 billion TVL. Other contenders like Arbitrum, Tron, and BSC exhibit varying 7-day changes, ranging from -3.49% to +3.19%. 

3. Crypto Market Analysis 

3.1. Bitcoin Price and Dominance 

Cryptocurrency Price  Market Cap Dominance Percentage 7d- Change in Market Cap
BTC $41,517.05 $814,183,398,032 47.6% -3.7%
ETH $2,472.54 $297,227,466,946 17.47% -3.1%
USDT $0.993 $94,931,461,114 5.36% -0.0%
BNB $312.61 $48,091,288,144 2.63% +4.5%
SOL $91.56 $39,659,679,333 2.33% -1.2%
XRP $0.5464 $29,726,797,725 1.76% -4.8%
ADA $0.5104 $17,911,980,946 1.09% -6.9%
DOGE $0.078 $11,222,007,173 0.65% -2.7%
Others  21.34%

Bitcoin (BTC) leads with a price of $41,517.05, commanding a substantial market cap of $814.18 billion and a dominance percentage of 47.6%. Its 7-day change in market cap is a negative index of -3.7. Ethereum (ETH) follows with a price of $2,472.54, a market cap of $297.23 billion, and a 7-day change in market cap of -3.1%. Binance Coin (BNB) stands out with a positive 7-day change of +4.5%, priced at $312.61, and a market cap of $48.09 billion.   

3.2. Top Gainers & Losers of the Week in Crypto Market 

Here is the list of top gainers and top losers of the week in the cryptocurrency market. The analysis is made using the 7-day Gain and 7-day Lose indexes. 

3.2.1. Top Gainers of the Week in Crypto 

Cryptocurrency  Price  7-Day Gain 
Flare (FLR) $0.02213 26.62%
Siacoin (SC) $0.01095 18.13%
Chiliz (CHZ) $0.09643 14.87%
Ronin (RON) $2.10 14.57%
Astar (ASTR) $0.174 14.56%

This week’s top gainers in the crypto space include Flare (FLR) with a 7-day gain of 26.62%, Siacoin (SC) at $0.01095 with an 18.13% increase, Chiliz (CHZ) at $0.09643 showcasing a 14.87% gain, Ronin (RON) with a 14.57% increase at $2.10, and Astar (ASTR) at $0.174 with a 14.56% gain. 

3.2.2. Top Losers of the Week in Crypto 

Cryptocurrency  Price  7-Day Loss
Sui (SUI) $1.08 -18.57%
Optimism (OP) $3.13 -18.40%
Arbitrum (ARB) $1.79 -17.29%
Bonk (BONK) $0.00001133 -15.72%
Bitcoin SV (BSV) $71.57 -15.23%
Ethereum Classic (ETC) $24.69 -15.22%

This week’s top losers in the cryptocurrency market are led by Sui (SUI) with a 7-day loss of -18.57%, followed closely by Optimism (OP) at $3.13 with an -18.40% decrease. Arbitrum (ARB), Bonk (BONK), Bitcoin SV (BSV), and Ethereum Classic (ETC) also experienced losses ranging from -15.22% to -17.29%, indicating a challenging week for these assets. 

3.3. Stablecoin Weekly Analysis 

Stablecoin  Market Capitalisation (7d) Market Dominance (7d) [in %] Trading Volume (7d)
Tether $94,967,646,331 72.25% $45,051,204,444
TrueUSD $1,876,926,357 1.44% $128,811,385
USDC $25,524,310,090 19.54% $7,508,298,350
Dai $5,166,646,630 3.93% $157,000,259
Frax $648,627,425 0.49% $11,020,426

In the week’s stablecoin performance analysis, Tether (USDT) stands out with a commanding trading volume of $45.05 billion, emphasising its widespread utility. Tether also holds the highest market capitalisation at $94.97 billion, securing a dominant 72.25% market share. USDC follows closely with a notable trading volume of $7.51 billion and a substantial market capitalization of $25.52 billion, commanding a 19.54% market dominance.  

4. Bitcoin Spot ETF Weekly Analysis 

Bitcoin Spot ETFs Asset Under Management (in Billion) Price  Change (Gain)
Grayscale (GBTC) $28.62B $37.01 +1.98%
ProShares (BITO) $2.28B $20.09 +1.88%
BlackRock (IBIT) $1.17B $23.80 +1.97%
Fidelity (FBTC) $1.02B $36.49 +2.04%

In this week’s Bitcoin Spot ETF analysis, Grayscale (GBTC) leads with $28.62 billion in Assets Under Management and a price of $37.01. Notably, Fidelity (FBTC) displays a remarkable 2.04% gain, with $1.02 billion AUM and a $36.49 price. ProShares (BITO) and BlackRock (IBIT) also show positive changes at 1.88% and 1.97%, respectively. This reflects a dynamic week, with Fidelity standing out for its impressive gain in value. 

5. DeFi Market Weekly Status Analysis 

DeFi Protocols 7d Change (in Total Value Locked) [in %]
Aladdin DAO +25212%
INU FAIR +10852%
Magma Finance  +6066%
Steroids  +5204%
Roketo +851%

In this week’s DeFi market analysis, impressive growth is observed in Total Volume Locked (TVL) across various protocols. Aladdin DAO leads with a remarkable +25212% 7-day change, followed by INU FAIR at +10852%, Magma Finance at +6.66%, Steroids at +5204%, and Roketo at +851%. 

6. NFT Marketplace: A Basic Weekly Analysis 

NFT Marketplaces  7-day Rolling Volume  7-day Rolling Trade  Volume Change Market Share (based on 1-day Volume)
Blur 34705.91 42920 +11.91% 54.19%
Blur Aggregator  19661.24 23917 +35.32% 17.83%
Opensea 10870.06 35894 -6.81% 15.45%
Cryptopunks  2470.67 36 +57.37% 7.89%
Gem 1931.81 7354 -11.34% 1.84%

In this week’s basic analysis of NFT marketplace, notable trends emerge. Blur and Blur Aggregator show substantial volume increases of +11.91% and +35.32%, respectively, with market shares of 54.19% and 17.83%, In contrast, Opensea experiences a -6.81% volume change but maintains a significant market share of 15.45%. Cryptopunks exhibit a remarkable +57.37% volume change, claiming a 7.89% market share. Gem, however, sees a 11.34% volume change, holding a 1.84% market share. 

6.1. Top NFT Collectible Sales this Week 

NFT Collectibles  Price (in USD)
CryptoPunk #6912 $475,676.56
CryptoPunk #4506 $349,195.00
Art Blocks #78000643 $243,379.25
Azuki #5889 $236,049.33
CryptoPunks #6889 $227,976,52

In this week’s NFT collectible sales, notable transactions include CryptoPunk #6912 at $475,676.56, followed by CryptoPunk #4506 at $349,195.00. Art Blocks #78000643 secured a significant value of $243,379.25, while Azuki #5889 and CryptoPunks #6889 fetched prices of $236,049.33 and $227,976.52, respectively. 

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