Crypto Analyst Express Optimistic Outlook On Real World Assets (RWAs): Hedera, Everlodge And Decentraland Poised For Significant Growth
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The potential of Real World Assets (RWAs) to revolutionize the crypto landscape is igniting a renewed interest within the ecosystem. While the surge in interest isn’t mere hype; it is fueled by a growing awareness of RWAs’ transformative potential, especially when it comes to scalability and sustainability.

Notably, Hedera has been spotlighted as a leading decentralized network to accommodate emerging RWA projects. Likewise, innovative frontliner projects like Everlodge and Decentraland are exhibiting potential for significant growth as we approach the new year. But what makes these projects truly exceptional? Let’s delve in quickly.

“Real World Assets (RWA) Will Be a Leading Narrative in the Bull Run” – Analyst Says As Hedera (HBAR) Becomes Home for Emerging RWA Projects.

The DeFi Investors, a prominent crypto researcher and analyst, recently took to Twitter to shed light on the significance of Real World Assets (RWA) and their potential to become a prominent narrative during the ongoing bull run. According to the analyst’s tweet, RWA projects possess exceptional qualities such as ease of utilization and institutional adoption, making them stand out in the market.

Additionally, The DeFi Investor highlighted how RWA has emerged as the fastest-growing sector within the DeFi space in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL), solidifying the position of projects in this sector as some of the best crypto investments to consider.

In another quoted tweet, SaucerSwap Labs touted Hedera (HBAR) as the home to Real World Assets (RWAs), stating, “There is no better network for Real World Assets (RWAs) than @Hedera.” The tweet also referenced the recent launch of DiamondStandard, an emerging RWA project, on the Hedera platform, highlighting the significant progress achieved on Hedera.

Riding on growing enthusiasm among investors as well as increasing integration of new RWA projects,  Hedera has experienced a remarkable upsurge. With a current price of $0.087, Hedera’s price has increased by approximately 10.5% in the past 24 hours alone and about 11.3% over the past 7 days, indicating the growing interest in this cryptocurrency asset.

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Everlodge Takes Lead Amidst Growing Interest in RWA Projects 

Everlodge has continued to get more attention lately, and that’s thanks to its innovative way of redefining what property ownership means in the real estate world. Specifically, Everlodge is a property marketplace that allows users to fractionally invest in hotels, vacation homes and luxury villas on the blockchain. Sounds interesting right?

Well, by combining fractional home ownership, timeshare and NFT technology, Everlodge is making it possible for investors to co-own expensive and luxurious vacation homes that would be otherwise impossible or far-fetched in the conventional real estate setting.

In other words, as a member of the ecosystem you can own a fraction of a $100,000 villa for as low as $100. This eliminates the typical conventional way of needing to break the bank to own million dollar homes; that’s if you are even credit worthy in the first place. But is that all that makes this project truly exceptional?

Another intriguing feature is the mechanism of digitization. Not only are these homes, hotels and luxury villas digitized and transformed into non-fungible tokens; in addition to that, all the ownership details, deeds and paperwork stored into a smart contract. What this means is that investors do not have to go through the hassle of paperworks and legal consultation to actually own a part of their dream properties.

Also, beyond Everlodge’s potential to rank among the best crypto investments for property, Everlodge’s native token, $ELDG, presents enticing incentives, including discounts, complimentary stays, versatile utility for staking, liquidity provision, and seamless transactions. 

Currently available at a price of $0.027 during its ongoing stage 8 presale, the $ELDG token offers an intriguing path for those seeking to invest in the future of real estate with Everlodge.

Decentraland Teases Community with Holiday Competition, MANA Aims for the Sky

Decentraland (MANA) is adding festive cheer to the holiday season by updating its virtual reality world with Christmas themes, creating an exciting atmosphere within the community. In a bid to make the season even more memorable for its members, Decentraland has partnered with LastSliceCo, Vroomwayio, KnightsOfAntrom, and SpottieLand to launch the “Goblins vs Elves” Holiday Competition.

The enthusiasm surrounding these developments has positively impacted the native asset of Decentraland, MANA, in recent days. Currently at $0.50, MANA price has experienced a notable uptrend with a 5.55% increase in the past 24 hours and approximately 4.7% increase over the last 7 days. The upward movement reflects growing enthusiasm following the recent announcement.

However, while there has been significant upward momentum in recent days, it’s worth noting that Decentraland has been trading within a resistance zone for over a month. This suggests that the upward trend may continue for an extended period, potentially extending into the upcoming year.

Looking ahead, Hedera, Everlodge, and Decentraland hold promising prospects for high yields revenue. Moreso, with the real estate and virtual reality sectors capturing significant interest in recent time, these projects are strategically positioned among the best crypto investments leading up to 2024.

For more information about the ongoing Everlodge (ELDG) Presale, please visit their website.

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