Concerned Holders Of Tron (TRX) And Hedera (HBAR) Are Moving To Everlodge (ELDG) For Gains
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Despite the ongoing bull run by Tron (TRX) and Hedera (HBAR), expert price analysis of the two tokens shows worrying signs. Meanwhile, Everlodge (ELDG) is experiencing momentous growth in reputation as the project’s potential is brought to light by top investors. Find out more below.

Concerning the Future of Tron (TRX) as the Token’s Price Value Drags

The Tron (TRX) token has left investors wondering whether it is a good decision to invest in the token. This is because the Tron price forecast shows the token losing its bullish momentum. Tron may have gained 3.2% in price value over the last month. However, the day-to-day price movement shows a declining momentum that may soon result in TRX sliding into the bear market.

Moreover, Tron’s market cap has declined by 5% since the turn of the year, according to data from Coinmarketcap. While there is yet to be a visible sign of a bear pressure for Tron, certainly, the token is not on the list of the best crypto to invest in at the moment.

Tough Start to 2024 for Hedera (HBAR) as Price Value Experience Bearish Sentiment

The Hedera (HBAR) token is currently on a bearish run following a decline in price value at the start of 2024. The Hedera token, which saw a massive rally in December, is currently bearish. 

Over the last month, Hedera gained almost 40% in price value. The price data from Coinmarketcap shows that the token has so far lost approximately 4% in price value. Further analysis of the Hedera price chart suggests the beginning of what may be an extended bearishness for the token.

Everlodge (ELDG) 

While Hedera and Tron may be in decline, Everlodge (ELDG) is growing in reputation as one of the best cryptos to have in one’s portfolio. Everlodge, which is currently in its 9th stage of presale, is a project that aims to help everyday investors invest in multimillion-dollar real estate and luxury assets without the capital-intensive requirement.

Starting from $100, investors can purchase fractionalized NFTs that are backed by real-world luxury properties. Each of the NFTs purchased represents a fraction of luxury assets. Everlodge uses smart contracts on the blockchain network to store the data of NFT owners and ensure that the process is safe and transparent.

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As these luxury apartments gain value, so do the NFTs which are digital representations of the assets. 

ELDG, the Everlodge native token, is one of the best crypto tokens to invest in at the moment. The token, which has shown potential to gain up to 300% in price value before launch, is currently selling for only $0.029. The token price has been projected to skyrocket soon. What’s more? ELDG is expected to add a further 30x in price value after launch. 

Investing in ELDG now effectively positions investors for massive profits in the near future. The token’s liquidity will be locked for 8 years to prevent rug pull. Again, Interfi Network and Block Audit have carried out thorough smart contract and KYC verification audits on the Everlodge platform. 

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