Cardano OG Says XRP Will Be Behind Dogecoin in 2024
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Cardano OG Chris O has shared his 2024 crypto bull market prediction, suggesting XRP will fall behind meme token Dogecoin in the ranking of prominent crypto projects.

In a recent tweet, Chris O commented on XRP’s longstanding discouraging performance that has caused the asset to lose its position as the third largest altcoin. Specifically, he highlighted that Solana (SOL) has outranked XRP after securing a market valuation of $36.87 billion.

As a result, Chris O predicted a significant reshuffling of the top ten crypto projects during the upcoming bull run, envisioning a notably different ranking compared to previous cycles. Expanding on his perspective, he outlined his projected top ten list for the 2024 bull market.

XRP To Fall To 6th, Below Dogecoin

According to the Cardano OG, Bitcoin (BTC) will remain the number one crypto in the coming bull run. He does not see any digital asset attempting to claim the number one spot from BTC. 

Meanwhile, Chris O believes Ethereum (ETH), which ranks just after Bitcoin, could struggle to maintain its position. The foundation of this view is his belief that ETH no longer holds a dominant position, as observed in the last cycle. Also, he noted that users are already migrating to other more favorable protocols.

Furthermore, the Cardano OG argued that the number three spot would be a battlefield between Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL). In particular, he asserted that ADA and SOL will continuously reclaim the third spot from each other. 

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As for the fourth position, he gave it to the Binance Coin (BNB) with no condition attached. However, Chris O noted the fifth position would be a fight between Avalance (AVAX) and the meme-themed project Dogecoin (DOGE). 

As for the sixth spot, Chris O gave it to XRP. Per CoinMarketCap data, XRP is the fourth largest altcoin, behind only ETH, BNB, and SOL.

Notably, CoinMarketCap data indicated that AVAX now sits at position nine, with DOGE following closely. Between the two is a $3 billion value. Interestingly, AVAX was at position 20 precisely seven weeks ago with a market cap of around  $4.39 billion. It has since gained over $12 billion in market share. 

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