Cardano Army Demands Clarification from Charles Hoskinson, But No Response Yet
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The Cardano (ADA) community finds itself in a state of intrigue and speculation following a cryptic tweet from Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano. 

Over the weekends, Hoskinson posted a tweet containing a string of alphanumeric characters with a celebratory note: “We did it.”

Cardano Community Seeks Answers 

Members of the Cardano community engaged with the tweet, seeking clarification on the milestone or message that prompted the post. 

Some speculated it could be linked to recent developments like Qsig transactions or advancements in quantum research. Others pondered if it hinted at significant achievements for the Cardano project.

Notably, the alphanumeric sequence bears a striking resemblance to a typical blockchain transaction hash. X user “₿ellamy” did a quick search through Cardano’s blockchain explorer CardoScan.

However, he found nothing helpful. “We are unable to find this transaction,” was the result of the on-chain scan.

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Meanwhile, an X user has proposed that the string of alphanumeric characters is likely a SHA-256 coded message. The commenter argued that such messages can serve as proof of possessing certain information without disclosing the information itself, as commonly seen in cryptographic practices.

Moreover, the commenter cited that crypto community figure Cobie shared a similar message in April 2023, which was subsequently decoded without authorization.

Charles Hoskinson Yet to Respond

In the absence of concrete information, market participants press for clarification from Hoskinson regarding the message underneath the celebratory note.

Despite posting additional updates on social media, the Cardano founder has refrained from offering any specific comments concerning the mysterious numbers.

Meanwhile, the ambiguous post comes amid recent announcements from Cardano development team Input Output Global (IOG) regarding advancements in research efforts.

Of particular note is the acceptance of the IOG research team’s research paper on “Universal Anonymous Signatures” (UAS) for presentation at the 2024 Financial Cryptography Conference. 

Despite the buzz surrounding recent developments, Hoskinson’s tweet remains enigmatic, with no clarification provided thus far.

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