CAKE Surges 22% As PancakeSwap Moves to Reduce CAKE Supply from 750M to 450M
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CAKE, the native token of PancakeSwap, has engineered a bullish trajectory as its team launches a proposal to reduce its circulating supply.

The administrative team of the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap has moved to adjust the maximum token supply of CAKE.

Specifically, today, December 21, the PancakeSwap team opened a discussion regarding the CAKE supply reduction. Per the submission, the proposed reduction seeks to decrease the existing maximum cap from 750 million CAKE to 450 million.

Having achieved consistent deflation for several months and actively working towards the goal of ultrasound CAKE, the proposal aims to set a new maximum cap for the CAKE token. The PancakeSwap team believes the reduced cap will be sufficient to capture market share across various chains.

Furthermore,  the PancakeSwap admin noted that this move comes after substantial overhauls in PancakeSwap’s emissions, tokenomics, and growth strategy over the past year. 

The admin cited the enhancements introduced in CAKE Tokenomics v2.5 and the recent launch of the veCAKE Gauges System. As a result, the team affirmed that PancakeSwap has positioned itself for further expansion.

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The Rationale Behind Cutting CAKE’s Max Supply

According to the admin, the adjustment provides certainty for the community regarding the future CAKE supply, aligning with more accurate estimations of incentives needed for PancakeSwap’s growth targets.

Additionally, the PancakeSwap team noted the move will expedite the journey to ultrasound CAKE, signaling a departure from a “hyperinflationary tokenomics model.”

Notably, the proposal is open for community discussion before the voting stage. The PancakeSwap community is encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions on this proposed adjustment to the CAKE token’s total supply.

CAKE Takes Positive Impact

CAKE Market Chart | CoinMarketCap

Amid this proposal to cut down the supply of CAKE, crypto market participants have flocked in en masse to CAKE. In particular, CoinMarketCap data shows CAKE saw a dramatic 22% surge from around $2.22 to $2.718 in under three hours.

Moreover, CAKE’s 24-hour volume has increased by 246.20%, with the token now hovering around $2.53. As of yesterday, CAKE wallowed in a bearish trend despite the continuous token burns.

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