BTC Gathers Momentum Post-ETF; XRP’s Bearish Pressure Continues – InQubeta (QUBE) Presale Soar Past $8.6 Million
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The SEC decision on Bitcoin ETFs in January was a historic development that sent ripples of excitement across the crypto landscape and broader financial world. However, while the price of BTC soared the day the market launched, there have been weeks of downturn as investors “sold the news” amid other bearish factors.

Nevertheless, in a remarkable turnaround, Bitcoin has gained momentum as investor sentiment post BTC ETF rallies. Meanwhile, Ripple’s (XRP) bearish pressure persists, spreading FUDs (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) across the community.

In more exciting news, the InQubeta (QUBE) presale, an AI altcoin, has surged past $8.6 million. Primed for staggering growth, it is one of the best cryptos to buy now.

InQubeta (QUBE): Remarkable Presale Event

InQubeta (QUBE) might have outdone itself in its ICO phase. It has blasted through the $8.6 million fundraising goal, leaving other new ICOs in its wake.

In the seventh stage of the ICO, a token costs just $0.0224. It is hailed as the best new crypto to invest in by analysts and has been tipped for a 55x rally after its launch. It is a promising play you don’t want to miss out on.

Its novel concept—a blend of AI and crypto—immensely contributes to its appeal. It aims to solve the most pressing issues within the AI sector with blockchain technology, particularly fundraising and market accessibility. To address these challenges, it will build the world’s first crowdfunding platform. This will allow tech startups to raise funds through crypto.

Its custom-built NFT marketplace will be mutually beneficial to both investors and AI developers. On the one hand, startups will be able to source capital. On the other hand, investors can become early backers of AI ventures regardless of their income.


Bitcoin (BTC): Momentum Grows

Bitcoin (BTC) has been in the spotlight since the start of the year— although it’s not like it isn’t always the center of attraction. On January 10, the US SEC approved the first spot Bitcoin ETFs, sending ripples of excitement across the crypto landscape and the broader financial ecosystem.

The ETF impact on crypto prices—initially bullish—saw BTC briefly fly past $48,000. However, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, as Bitcoin, along with the overall market, took a downturn, falling as low as $38,000.

This won’t last for long, though. Bitcoin has been gathering momentum and recently reclaimed its $40,000 support. With the price steadily rising, BTC is among the best cryptos to invest in right now.

Ripple (XRP): Bears and Bulls Tussle Continues

Ripple (XRP) continues its bearish run, and investors might have had enough. Some have been selling their bags, giving little thought to losses. After all, there are more promising cryptocurrencies on the market and bullish waves to be surfed instead of the underwhelming XRP.

Meanwhile, savvy investors who are confident in its rebound have been buying the dip. Nonetheless, the nagging question remains: will XRP experience a bounceback? The major factor that has contributed to its decline is the ongoing lawsuit against the SEC.

With the future uncertain, only time will tell if XRP is a good crypto to buy. Nevertheless, if it dips further and you find an impeccable entry, you can DCA (dollar-cost averaging) your way in. The crypto market has a way of pulling out surprises time and time again.


Bitcoin has been gaining traction of late, with the crypto community collectively heaving a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, XRP’s bearish woes continue, while InQubeta appears poised to skyrocket.

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