BONK Up Over 700% Past 30 Days Chasing SHIB; Pullix Presale Continues To See Record Growth
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Bonk (BONK) gained tremendous value, rallying 700%, chasing Shiba Inu’s tail for the top dog position. Meanwhile, Pullix presale continues to see record growth, raising over $ 3 million in under 4 weeks during its presale phase. Find out more below.

Bonk (BONK) Gets Listed on Binance

The meme coin centered around dogs, Bonk (BONK), has experienced rapid gains in recent weeks. The trading value of Bonk has surged by approximately 78% over the last month, bringing its current trading price to $0.000011. The primary catalyst for Bonk’s significant surge can be attributed to a recent decision by Binance. On December 15, Binance announced that it would include Bonk tokens on its platform. 

After this announcement, Bonk observed a remarkable 314% increase in trading volume. Furthermore, data from CoinMarketCap indicates that Bonk has climbed to the 58th position among the largest coins, compared to its 69th position just last week.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Potentially Secured a New Partnership

The leader of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, has posted a handshake emoji on X, which could signal an announcement of a new partnership. This post gained thousands of views, but many Shiba Inu followers still need clarification as to what it means. Recently, in the New Year message, the Shiba Inu team promised to focus on widespread adoption; perhaps this is a sign.

Crypto whales have been accumulating for the past few months and have moved 4.8 trillion Shiba Inu to their wallets. This spike is a 375% increase compared to previous months. Also, Shiba Inu passed 155 million transactions in the last 4 months. These facts may indicate Shiba Inu is preparing for another rally.

Pullix (PLX) Introduces Hybrid Exchange Concept 

Pullix is on the path to revolutionizing the crypto trading sector by introducing a hybrid exchange concept. This combines the best of both industries into a singular platform. On Pullix, you can trade commodities, forex, and stocks like with a broker. However, like with a CEX, you’ll have access to crypto with high liquidity. On top of that, you’ll keep your privacy like with a DEX, as there is no KYC, and you trade from your crypto wallet. 

Pullix provides its customers with various ways to earn money, such as yield farming, staking, and lending. Also, there is the Trade-to-Earn concept, which allows traders to complete challenges to earn tokens. The platform’s core token, PLX, comes with various benefits, but perhaps the main feature is token holders will receive a portion of Pullix’s daily profits. 

Moreover, the platform will offer various services to make trading more accessible for users. One of these services is copy trading, executing orders on your behalf. This means you can make your crypto work 24/7, as the AI-powered trading bot can operate continuously. 

Investors interested in this project can contribute to the ICO on their main website. Currently, PLX has entered its 6th presale stage with tokens valued at $0.08. However, as the presale continues, PLX will only become more valuable, so the best time to get in is now with experts predicting a 30x increase upon launch.

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