Bitcoin OG Says XRP to Hit $1.33 Pretty Fast; “I Might Dump BTC for XRP”
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A prominent Bitcoin investor has argued that XRP is on the verge of a consequential upward movement, citing potential manipulative pumps to push XRP to $1.33. 

In a surprising turn of events, longstanding Bitcoin investor Davinci Jeremie has hinted at a significant shift in his portfolio strategy. Jeremie, who has adopted Bitcoin for over a decade, made a bold statement, noting that he might forsake Bitcoin to invest in XRP. 

Jeremie’s new sentiment about XRP was based on patterns observed on XRP. In his words: “The news and the charts indicate Ripple [XRP] is about to explode. I think I might dump BTC for XRP.”

XRP Manipulative Pump Occurring Soon

Delving into the technical analysis of XRP, Jeremie highlighted gradual upward patterns on the charts. While acknowledging some minor bumps along the way, he noted the likelihood of a manipulative pump occurring soon, especially as XRP approaches a crucial upward trend line. 

Jeremie suggested that this anticipated pump could lead to a massive boom in the price of XRP. Examining the potential trajectory, Jeremie pointed out a target price of $1.33.

According to him, XRP could hit the $1.33 target “pretty fast.” Moreover, he envisions XRP reaching and maintaining the above $1 milestone for an extended period.

Meanwhile, Jeremie did not shy away from addressing the market dynamics he believes are at play with XRP. He alluded to a potential pattern of sudden, orchestrated pumps in the XRP market. 

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To elaborate on his view about what he perceives as manipulation, Jeremie humorously described a scenario where market actors might “call up the Federal Reserve” for assistance in creating a pump.

Furthermore, the analyst argued that such sudden and significant movements are distinctive to XRP charts. He countered arguments that compare Bitcoin’s occasional rapid movements, stating that Bitcoin’s price fluctuations on shorter timeframes do not match the intensity observed in XRP’s market.

More Bitcoin Analysts Betting on XRP 

Besides, Davinci Jeremie is not the only prominent pro-Bitcoin investor who has recently set their eyes on XRP for potential gains. As The Crypto Basic reported, another renowned Bitcoin analyst has similarly mentioned that XRP technical analysis suggests a now-or-never moment. As a result, he went on to open multiple long positions in XRP.

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