Bitcoin (BTC) above $42,000 again, Investors Eye DeFi Platform Built For Community Revenue Sharing
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As BTC stays above $42,000 signaling growth after New Year’s Eve while investors grab up what’s remained of a new DeFi presale.

Bitcoin (BTC) Is Stagnating Before New Year’s Eve

Bitcoin managed to stay above $42,000 today and it remains in the green for 2.77%. The week’s movement has been upward 3.04%. While it grew a total of 16.15% in the last 30 days. Technical analysis shows a buy signal. Moving averages show a strong buy, while the oscillators remain neutral. 

The market is extremely positive about the Bitcoin ETF being approved. We can see it on betting websites like Polymarket. We can see a @1.12 coefficient on Bitcoin ETF being approved until March 30. These are very certain odds as a $1 bet would yield only $1.12. 

Bitcoin ETF could be a $100 billion industry. This would propel not only Bitcoin but the whole crypto world.  The upcoming Bitcoin halving is going to reduce selling pressure even further. The bulls are getting a major push here. However, March 30 is far away. The decision is most likely going to happen in January. Still, many investors are looking for profits to take earlier. They seem to be eyeing a new DeFi platform built for community revenue sharing.

Pullix (PLX) Set to x100 at the Launch Date

Before the bulls start running in Q1 of 2024, there’s money to be made earlier. Some investors recognized this and moved their funds to Pullix. Analysts expect a 580% rise during the presale stage. Stage 3 has already started. It seems like there’s no stopping for Pullix.

It aims to provide deep liquidity along with decentralization and private key ownership. Yes, it’s a DEX. However, not an ordinary DEX. Unlike all popular DEX platforms, Pullix has a hybrid CEX & DEX approach.  It combines the benefits of both and puts it on a single platform. This best-of-both-worlds approach allows users to own their private keys and also use an order book, advanced trading tools, and leverage. The order book is off-chain which makes it fast, cheap, and competitive. 

As trust in centralized exchanges dwindles after FTX and recently the Binance lawsuit. DEXs can profit. But, they can only attract traders if they have tools they can use. Pullix is currently the only DEX to provide such things. No other DEX has an order book, much less trading tools or leverage. It’s even possible to trade stocks like TSLA, gold, and derivatives.

Trade-To-Earn gives you a share of Pullix regardless if you win or lose on your trades. Don’t worry though, as tokenomics make it deflationary because of the burn function.

Zero commissions with tight spreads, security, privacy, and deep liquidity are certainly drawing eyes from around the globe. Analysts are expecting Pullix to surge x100 at the launch date. 

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see the links below: 

Visit Pullix 

Join The Pullix Communities

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