Bitcoin Braces for $5.8 Billion Options Expiry; Here’s What to Expect
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Bitcoin (BTC) is gearing up for a critical moment as crypto options worth $5.82 billion are set to expire tomorrow. As of Thursday’s European trading hours, Bitcoin maintains a position above $40,000, with $3.75 billion worth of BTC options and $2.07 billion worth of ETH options in the spotlight.

How could this development impact you? Let’s explore.

Awaiting D-Day: Bitcoin Faces Options Expiry

The spotlight turns to Deribit, the world’s largest crypto options exchange, where Friday’s impending expiry involves a hefty $3.75 billion in BTC options and $2.07 billion in ETH options. Impressively, this constitutes over 85% of the global activity.

Leading up to this critical moment, there’s a discernible market rebound from the initial impacts of the ETF introduction and GBTC unwind. Despite challenges, traders are strategically shifting from January expiry contracts to February, indicating a calculated response to market conditions.

At present, Bitcoin stands resilient at $39,870, showcasing stability ahead of the U.S. fourth-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) data release and a substantial $5.8 billion crypto options expiry on Deribit.

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Key Economic Indicators

Contrastingly, the dollar index, gauging the greenback’s value against major fiat currencies, remains static at around 103.70. Meanwhile, traders are keenly monitoring the highly-anticipated U.S. fourth-quarter GDP data, anticipated to reveal a 2% seasonally adjusted annualized pace, down from 4.9% in Q3.

Market sentiment is in flux as traders reassess the likelihood of early Fed rate cuts amidst the ongoing inflationary crisis. Notably, Fed funds futures currently indicate a 50% chance of a Fed rate cut in March, a notable shift from the 80% probability observed just a month ago.

Option Pain Points

Highlighting critical levels, the max pain point for Bitcoin’s January expiry options is identified at $41,000, while Ether’s is at $2,300. This represents the point at which options buyers face the highest potential losses on expiry, a crucial factor for strategic decision-making by traders.

As the crypto market approaches the U.S. GDP release and the consequential options expiry, closely monitored by traders, the potential impact on both Bitcoin and Ether prices becomes increasingly evident.

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We’re rife with anticipation. Are you?

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