Binance (BNB) Announces New Projects On-Chain, Crypto Tony Reads Bullish For Arbitrum (ARB), Meme Moguls (MGLS) Continue To Gain Attention
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It’s natural for cryptocurrencies and exchanges to work on new innovations and developments that are aimed at easy access, better user experience and user retention. Recently, Binance smart chain updated its network with a few new dApps for users. As this will grant Binance more attention, Meme Moguls also stand as a strong contender. Meanwhile, Crypto Tony recently tweeted about the potential of Arbitrum to maintain a bullish future.

Binance Smart Chain Releases New dApps On The Platform

The very prominent blockchain platform, Binance, is releasing new Web3 dApps aimed at capturing users’ interest. Bitcoin’s latest dapps are seven Web3 platforms ranging from NFTs to gaming, and DeFi. Binance trading is steadily gaining volume due to this development.

Binance particularly released a gaming platform, 4 DeFi apps, one NFT project, and a SocialFi. The link to the projects was posted in a recent tweet on Binance X’s account.

Binance was at a 5% loss in the past six days. However, BNB has steadily come back, decreasing its price loss to 3% as of recently. Binance is the fourth largest cryptocurrency with an interesting exchange platform to trade various digital assets, hence an increase in Binance value is inevitable.

Crypto Tony Says Arbitrum (ARB) Will Maintain Bullish Vibe if It Remains in a Good Position

Crypto Tony expresses optimism about the Arbitrum in his recent tweet, highlighting a positive weekly outlook and emphasizing the importance of the Arbitrum token closing above the range high for sustained bullish momentum.

According to Coinmarketcap, the Abritrum token has gained around 46.26% in the past 30 days and 9.09% in the past seven days, signifying a bullish trend for Arbitrum. Arbitrum also has the potential to keep trending upward considering the anticipated positives around crypto.

Arbitrum has also gained over 58.37% in trading volume recently. With an increasing trading volume, the demand for Arbitrum is expected to increase thereby increasing the price of Arbitrum. Arbitrum is potentially a good crypto to buy.

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Meme Moguls (MGLS) Is Gaining Rapid Sales and Attention

Meme Moguls (MGLS) has been gaining significant traction since its presale launch, with experts predicting continued success for this newly developed meme coin gem. Currently in its fourth presale, the $MGLS token is rapidly selling at $0.0027.

Positioning itself as a distinctive meme coin, Meme Moguls foresees substantial growth in 2024. It stands out by offering unique features through its native token $MGLS, focusing on active earning and investment opportunities; this alongside its one-of-a-kind meme-backed marketplace positions the projects comfortably among the best crypto investments for the foreseeable future.

Among other things, the platform enhances financial acumen through a gaming experience, allowing users to engage in simulated investments, challenges for real cash prizes, and strategic portfolio management. This multifaceted approach ensures that there is active utilization for the MGLS token, thus making it a value-driven crypto to buy this year.

Emphasizing a community-driven ethos, Meme Moguls encourages user-created tournaments, head-to-head showdowns, and a leaderboard recognizing excellence, providing opportunities to monetize trading expertise for passive income.

The introduction of a marketplace adds an extra dimension with rare NFT characters, enriching trading conditions. Expanding the ecosystem further, Moguls World, the metaverse, facilitates connections, token mining, participation in liquidity pools, and token staking for enhanced returns.

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) presale follow the link below:



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