Analysts Foresee Pandoshi (PAMBO) as Solana’s (SOL) Successor in 2024
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The cryptocurrency industry is filled with excitement around Pandoshi (PAMBO) as analysts predict that the innovative new DeFi-focused project could emerge as a successor to Solana (SOL). This forecast is driven by Pandoshi’s impressive lineup of decentralized products, robust deflationary tokenomics, and community-focused initiatives.

Pandoshi’s DeFi Ecosystem Takes Shape

At the core of Pandoshi lies a suite of decentralized products, including PandoshiSwap, Pandoshi Wallet, PandaChain, and Cardoshi Crypto Cards. Analysts highlight that this carefully crafted ecosystem allows seamless interaction between decentralized apps while catering to essential DeFi functionalities.

PandoshiSwap, Pandoshi’s decentralized exchange, facilitates trading between cryptocurrencies and already supports top pairs like PAMBO/ETH. PandoshiSwap implements a buy-and-burn mechanism for PAMBO, allowing the token to benefit from deflationary economics.

Additionally, the eagerly awaited Pandoshi Wallet was also recently launched for Android users. The wallet provides secure PAMBO storage while enabling interaction with Pandoshi’s offerings. iOS support is expected soon.

At the base of it all lies PandaChain, a POS layer 2 solution purpose-built to be the home of all Pandoshi ecosystem products, reduce transaction fees, and bolster PAMBO’s burn rate. Pandoshi is also rolling out Cardoshi, its crypto debit card that allows real-world spending without KYC requirements.

Powerful Tokenomics Set to Drive Utility

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, PAMBO utilizes thoughtfully designed, deflationary tokenomics characterized by buy-and-burn mechanisms from ecosystem products. 

PAMBO has a total supply of 2 billion tokens, half of which were allocated to its nearly sold-out public presale event. The remaining tokens are split between providing DEX liquidity (20%), CEX liquidity (10%), and community rewards (20%).

PAMBO token burning will cease once 80% of the supply is removed from circulation, an eventuality that experts believe will occur expediently thanks to the numerous token burn mechanisms embedded in Pandoshi’s offerings. These deflationary properties are expected to drive significant value accretion for PAMBO holders.         

Furthermore, PAMBO is utilized as a utility token across the Pandoshi ecosystem—as gas on PandaChain and in-game currency in upcoming P2E releases. PAMBO’s multi-faceted utility, coupled with aggressive supply reduction, has analysts betting on its price appreciation.

The project’s governance token, BAMBOO, allows the community to actively participate in determining Pandoshi’s future direction. This degree of decentralization at both the governance and operational levels has analysts confident that Pandoshi truly embodies the original vision of blockchain technology.


Bulls Expect PAMBO to Eclipse Solana’s (SOL) Market-Standing

Pandoshi’s accelerating emergence as a market-ready decentralized ecosystem tailored for the cryptocurrency community has analysts speculating it could dethrone Solana’s market standing in the next 12 months. 

They highlight how Solana, despite its impressive technology, has faltered recently with network outages, market downtrends, and middling decentralization efforts. Pandoshi appears primed to address these gaps. With presale already in the final phase along with multiple working products, analysts assert the writing is already on the wall. 

As of now, Pandoshi seems firmly in the driver’s seat to become the decentralized app platform of choice for the next crypto bull run, usurping Solana’s position in the market. 

Consequently, analysts foresee PAMBO aggressively outpacing SOL in the coming year, delivering exponential returns for early adopters as real-world adoption gains steam.

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