3 Cryptos to Skyrocket in 2024: Expert Insights

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As of early 2024, the crypto market is poised for a significant shift, entering what many anticipate to be a robust altseason. Right now, altcoins are on a tear, thanks to big investors stepping in, new tech developments, and more businesses than ever taking virtual currencies seriously. Crypto enthusiasts are all eyes, eagerly scouting for emerging giants in a market ripe with opportunity.

In the midst of this charged atmosphere, some cryptos like Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC) and Sei (SEI) are really turning heads with their potential for rapid growth. These coins are not just beneficiaries of the general market trend but are also supported by solid technological foundations and community backing. Crypto watchers are eyeing this trio, predicting they could surge soon, powered by the current altseason’s energy, as well as their strong tech and community support.

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Cardano (ADA): Navigating Market Fluctuations and Potential Breakouts

After trading within a horizontal range that’s been in play since November 2022, Cardano (ADA) initiated a significant upward movement in October 2023 and finally broke out, reaching a new yearly high of $0.68 later in December. Despite the subsequent decline in value, Cardano (ADA) demonstrated resilience and managed to bounce back to the range’s upper boundary last week.

Cardano (ADA) price has been fluctuating between $0.418 and $0.724, with the 10-day Moving Average found at $0.538 and the 100-day Moving Average observed at $0.432. The support level is currently at $0.243, while resistance levels are looming at $0.854 and $1.16.

The future of Cardano (ADA) appears promising given altcoin’s potential for further price increases. The Relative Strength Index (RSI), although showing mixed signals, remains above 50, indicating a hidden bullish divergence. This points to the likelihood of Cardano’s (ADA) current momentum pressing on, especially if the token steers clear of that tight $0.6-$0.7 corridor it’s been stuck in. However, falling below $0.46 could invalidate this positive outlook, leading to a potential decrease to the closest support at $0.4.

Polygon (MATIC): Gaining Momentum in the Crypto Arena

Polygon’s (MATIC) proof-of-stake (POS) platform recently surpassed Ethereum in trading volume. Strategic partnerships like the one with Fox Corporation, aimed at verifying news content accuracy using Polygon (MATIC) blockchain technology, further bolster altcoin’s market position.

Polygon (MATIC) price has been oscillating between $0.784 and $1.124. The 10-day Moving Average stands at $0.855 and the 100-day Moving Average is at $0.776. Support levels are positioned at $0.256 and $0.597, while resistance levels are emerging at $1.278 and $1.619.

Polygon’s (MATIC) latest wins and team-ups are setting the stage for more growth even despite its current slump. However, one should note that Polygon (MATIC) still trades inside the bearish pattern that has persisted for nearly 60 days. If Polygon (MATIC) breaks out, we could see a significant climb, but should the bearish cycle continue, its market trajectory will remain the same.

Sei (SEI): Remarkable Growth and Market Impact

Sei (SEI) has made a spectacular entrance in the crypto market, soaring over 1,500% since its debut in August 2023. In just half a year following its mainnet launch, Sei (SEI) has clinched a spot among the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization – a testament to its rapidly growing popularity. Known as the fastest blockchain in the industry, Sei (SEI) is just like a magnet for traders seeking speedy and efficient transaction capabilities.

The price of Sei (SEI) currently hovers between $0.582 and $0.808. Its 10-day Moving Average sits around $0.758, with the 100-day Moving Average close behind at $0.707. The token’s support levels are fixed at $0.244 and $0.471, while resistance levels are established at $0.924 and $1.15.

The future of Sei (SEI) looks promising when considering its distinctive features and strategic technological advancements: the integration of Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) smart contract support, coupled with the rising popularity of SEI-based meme coins like SEIYAN, has spurred increased demand for the token. However, one has to consider the potential impact of speculative trading on Sei’s (SEI) market volatility.


In early 2024, the crypto market looks like a landscape of burgeoning potential, particularly for altcoins like Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), and Sei (SEI). These coins aren’t just surfing a general uptick – they’re backed by solid tech and an expanding fanbase that could catapult them to stunning heights.

Cardano (ADA) is showing signs of a breakout, indicating a shift in market dynamics and resilience in price fluctuations. Polygon (MATIC) is making its mark, edging out Ethereum on some fronts with smart partnerships – yet it’s still wading through a tough market trend. Sei (SEI) has burst onto the scene, climbing up the ranks swiftly and unveiling features that really click with investors looking for fresh opportunities.

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